How to Generate Revenues While Sleeping

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To generate revenues while sleeping has one single keyword for success

Have you ever tried to generate revenues while sleeping? It can sound like a weird question. But the truth is that with today's digital world, many things are possible to do.

If you belong to the baby boomer generation as I do, you're accustomed to thinking in a particular way. For example, we tend to view it all in a hierarchical mode when it comes to any kind of organization.

When launching a new brand or a new business, which function is the most important? President? CEO? CFO? or maybe the marketing manager?

Well, here we baby boomers mostly go wrong.

When a business online starting from scratch, the most critical task for the founder is every function. It's funny but true. Think about it. When starting up a business for the first time, you are the community manager, sales rep, administrator, and other positions needed for a successful online business. For sure, it will become overwhelming after a while.

There are many different ways you can generate revenues while sleeping. However, the route you’re taking always comes down to automation.


The most time-consuming activities

Investigating among colleagues and students, the most time-consuming area is the connection and activities with leads, i.e., people who signed up to one of your lists interested in your content.

But what would happen if I tell you that there is a way to automate the whole process when it comes to customers' attention, and you could dedicate your valuable time to create more content? You would not only provide more valuable stuff to your existing customer, but you could also attract more new customers.

To automate your marketing is a question of using applications, tools, and software to automate marketing actions. An example could be to convert potential customers into buyers. Through software, you configure your emails, notifications, and other activities so that everything is done on autopilot. Your leads will get what they ask for, but you release time to do more growth-related actions.

In other words, your automated marketing will help you create more traffic of potential customers and convert leads into customers.

No matter your path. Without automation, it will be hard to achieve the results you want...Continue reading>>

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