how to make a great living online doing something you love & take control of your life again

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 making an online living / lifestyle              undefined

 as you can gather this could mean many things to many people

But a great life / lifestyle to me means freedom

FREEDOM to do what I like, when I like, were I like

Meaning I have financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom.

And I needed to find a way to do this.

The reason I needed this is because like many people these days I have family all over the world

I have two sons in Australia & two grandchildren

I have one son in New Zealand & two grandchildren

I have my aging parents in Australia

And I have my husband & daughter in Indonesia

So, what does a girl do???

She tries to find a better way to make money. And I had no online technical skills.

Well one day in 2017 one of my sons came to me talking about bitcoin, I was intrigued, was this the golden ticket? to a lifestyle of my dreams, well I hoped that it was, and I started investing into the crypto world. studying and learning as I go.

All was good for three months and life was looking promising, maybe I had found that golden ticket yehaa

But alas in January 2018 the bit coin dropped fast and hasn’t risen high since, so as I hadn’t learned how to buy and sell before the big crash.  of course, this means I lost a lot of money


Still needing to find a way to give me more freedom, I had the odd look for on line work , I have read & seen others doing It, so it can’t be that hard & I’m willing to learn.

So, my next attempt was blogging, not a clue how to start I watched you tube over and over and over

Trying to set up a blog. hummmm looks easy on you tube why is it not working?

Of course, on you tube they don’t teach you all the back-ground work. Like key word such & S>E>O>

& this is what I have learned since starting my online journey

You can watch every you tube until you are burned out & blue in the face. They still won’t tell you how they got to be amazing only how to start

Silly I know. but there you go its said

Also, I have watched a lot of Mel Robbins videos like kick ass & the 54321 rule plus Jay Shetty & more and they all said YOU MUST HAVE MENTORS. As if you don’t you will not motivate your self enough to change

As let’s face it WE NEED TO CHANGE as I heard my mentor say the definition of madness is doing what you have always done but expect a different result


To get change in our life … we need to make change

And yes, that means getting out of your comfy zone and doing things you have never done before

So, one day when scrolling through face book as you do an advert popped up and as I wasn’t busy I watched it.

Now I’m not sure what it was or how it caught my eye so much but this guy talking made me want to know more

how it happened 

So, I PRESSED THE LEARN MORE BUTTON. And this is when my life changing adventure began

I joined the company that is in the link below

This was in the second week of March 2018, so as of the date I am posting this was only shy of 4 months into my online entrepreneurial journey and yet in this very short time I have chosen to upgrade two times to get the most benefits of the company’s affiliate program and plan to upgrade at lest two more times with inn this year as my knowledge grows,

You see this program is not like any other I have seen or read about. Sure, I was still a bit skeptical at the start as I had seen others that offer all this free mind-blowing info. But then to learn the real stuff they want money, not that S.F.M. is free but it is upfront with all its pricing no hidden extras.

And there is not pushing to upgrade you go at your own place

Enough of that

The part you want to know what I’m doing and how I make money

So … what S.F.M has taught me is … first of all to find the real me … that’s right not the me the world thinks I should be! or could be! but the real me.

Then once I found me, I was then taught how important it is to learn how to love and appreciate our self’s so that we can then help others to do the same. Helping people heal is an amazing feeling. Watching adults grow and blossom into the amazing people they were born to be

We are then taught every aspect of online marketing so that you can then choose which is the right form of media for you to work with, once you have found what’s right for you. we are then taught how to use that media to attract other people that would like to turn their life’s around from boring non-enhancing 9 to 5 mundane life into a life of endless possibilities. Learning every day to keep up with the never changing systems on social media

On top of all the amazing education … we are also surrounded by like minded people that are there to encourage you and mentor you each step of the way

And theses same people become your very closest friends



Now I know your thinking hummm what’s the catch right

Well for me there hasn’t been one not yet any way

Apart from maybe not yet up to my goal one in income, but that’s only because I have yet to finish building my web page



So as I was saying above we are taught so much.for me  prier to starting this S.F.M. journey I had my face- book page and my Instagram but neither looked good or were set out incorrectly so no real impact


But now totally different

Now I am gaining new followers daily with out even trying

Also, I have been taught how to build my own web page and manage it to gain the most impact.

Also, how to do S.E.O for all media work

And of course, how to build a successful blog

So, all that in three months you can only imagine were I will be in a year from now

On top of all this we also have 24x 7 help if you need it

1 on 1 mentors if you need it

A huge tribe of amazing friends to help if you need it          undefined

And of course, endless possibility’s of how to use all the training you receive

Some of the community use there new skills to teach others, some use it for there own established business, some just do the affiliate path, some go onto social media advertising for other companies as in marketing or web building agents, and some become professional bloggers or Instagramers . or even you-tubers. Like I said endless possibilities  

 If a 55yo woman with no previous training can do this then any one can do this!

It boils down to…

How much do I want this new life?


What am I prepared to do to get it?

Remember no dream is to big. Nothing is impossible. All it takes is courage and the desire to change

Don't be afraid to go after your dreams ever again! Click the link above to get access to the same 7-Part Video Series I did so you can see more about this amazing opportunity or click on the banner below!

Good luck on your journey!








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