How to Take Control of Your Retirement and Live on Your Terms  

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To take control of your retirement or your age will do it for you

Take control of your retirement once and for all. The sad side is that a considerable number of people accept their age, like the beginning of the end. The good news is that you can take control of your retirement if you decide to do it. 

This is the shortest article ever published since starting my blog six years ago. It’s a straightforward message to all golden agers who follow the movement to live their golden years as they deserve and entirely on your terms.

During a couple of weeks, my blog has been focused on various topics concerning retirement. They all include themes around how to live your golden age the way you had in your mind before the retirement date.

The stats say one thing and the reality another. To take control of your retirement is very much about money, the financial resources you count on when retiring..... Continue Reading!>>

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