How to Win the Post-Pandemic Business Battle

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Learn how to win in the new pandemic environment

How to win a battle has always been of interest to all humans, no matter what it's about.

There is a new ingredient in the modern environment, and it's called Covid, and viruses of all types. It took quite a long time for the entire world to learn how to act under these new circumstances. A kind of frustration dominated society until we could control the situation.

Viewing it from a more scientific side, the truth is that everything in life always strives for a balance. There will always be a bright side if there is a dark side. After a night always comes a day.

The sad and horrible outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic will also bring positive effects. We learn how to win the battle.

It sounds weird at first that you can be a winner due to Coronavirus. So, let's dive into some facts to fully understand our discussion.

As you know, stores have temporarily closed, and some have even gone bankrupt due to Coronavirus.

Approximately 204 million people made an online purchase in 2020 in the U.S.

Usually, younger people are more likely to purchase online. However, in 2020 during the pandemic's peak, 45 and older buyers increased by 5.8%. This is equal to 5 million new baby boomers buying online since 2020.

For a long time, digital commerce has continuously gained a foothold in the total global market. Companies like Amazon, starting up in 1994, needed 11 years to reach break-even.

However, year after year, the digital market percentage-wise takes a larger piece of the total cake...Continue Reading!>>

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