How Would a Message From Your Future Self Look Like

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To learn from your future self could be your life changer

Your future self sounds at the first sight like the most narcissistic thing you’ve ever heard of. However, often when somebody else writes in your name, you can take the necessary distance but at the same time absorb the message with attention.

This message from your future self is based on the fact that you read the blog posts that we have been publishing now for more than 5 years. There must be something that attracts you.

So here we go:

From Your Future Self

“Hi, it’s me, your future self, and I would like to give you an important message. Please read this, as it’s all about you.

About a year ago, exactly where you’re sitting right now, you were struggling with some eye-catching offers about how to start your own online business.

You were doing your very best to find out what was the best alternative for you. Your analysis was going around like a hamster wheel. To compare all pros and cons wasn’t an easy task. In the middle of your frustration, you even doubted about yourself.

“Do I actually have what it takes to be successful with an online business?”.....continue reading>>

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