How wrong could I be in my own assumptions ?

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Sometimes you can hear a message that really strikes you. I will tell you what I heard many years ago. The message was clear and easy to grasp and it is still hitting home for me.

Many years ago, I was at a conference about stress and the envoirment we work in. The speaker said that we can work side by side with someone and still don´t have a clue about things that´s on someones mind. It can be in so many areas the private economy, divorce, medical problems or health issues, abuse of any kind; pills, drogs, alcohol. The thoughts of concern can be for the coworker himself or someone close to him/her. From time to time over the years I can still hear the speakers message in my mind and start to reflect on circumstances around me.

Today I was reminded again. Very often we see the world with our own glasses. Our experiences and our outcome or if not our own- the way we know it to be, has been preceded by something. To be unemployed, burnt out or single parent has also a history. The story I was told today reminded me, as many times before: It is not the snap-shot of today that is the result. You have to take into account the amount of hardships and challenges a person has gone through and risen up from. Many are strong- And some are even stronger dispite of circumstances.

To those of you who have a hard time right now and are struggling. I´m sending positive thoughts and hope your struggle soon will be over. If you are putting things aside to make someone elses life better, especially a child, you are not only strong but a hero in my eyes.

All the best to you !  Mikaela

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