How To Achieve Time and Financial Freedom

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Hello and welcome,

I am Chuck Matthews, an African Immigrant now living in the UK.

Like many people, I have always yearned to live a productive happy life. I wanted the same for my family and friends.

When I arrived in the UK, in 2003, I soon realise that it was not easy for me to get a good job that would enable me to take care of my wife and kids.

I had to do some jobs that didn’t particularly fancy I worked as a Cleaner, then as a Security Guard, then as a Care Assistance, even though I had a university degree in IT. Even with my wife working part-time combined with my fulltime job; we still could not earn what we considered “enough money”. Yes, we were able to pay the house bills and food expenses, and we were very grateful for this. Yet, we felt we weren’t living life to our full potential.

Above all, we cherish TIME. Yes, my wife and I knew that having time for one another and for our kids is extremely precious. We knew that we would rather work hard right now, in other to have more time in the future. We wanted to achieve Time Freedom as quickly as possible.

We weren’t prepared to wait until retirement, at about age 65, before we begin to enjoy abundant quality time with one another and with our kids.

I eventually got a very good corporate job, working for a financial services company in the UK.

It was good pay, and we remain grateful. However, I soon realized that I was still trapped in a figurative cage, still trapped in my 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday employment. I remember asking myself time and again, while on my way home from work: “Is this it? Is this how life is meant to be?”.


Please, don’t get me wrong. I was very grateful and still am. I do count my blessings. After all, there are many people not privileged to enjoying what we’ve got. Millions struggle to make a decent living. Even in developed countries, many are living below average, and these include non-immigrants. My family now have a good home, decent car, and pleasant and exciting weekends. Yes, we are very grateful indeed for what we enjoyed. We are very positive people. However, I knew in me that I was still trapped. Even if no one else knew it, I knew it. I was trapped doing time. Doing 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday for monthly pay checks. Trapped, not in literal prison, but a figurative one. My employer and my boss called the shots. I knew I had to escape and enjoy freedom. Time Freedom. I was not bitter with my employer and my boss. I remain grateful for the opportunity. It’s just that I only saw a better way of living. I needed to have more time to spend with those I truly love and care for, my wife, kids and friends; and I needed to have time to expend myself in giving assistance to people in dire need. People in dire need of loving attention because they have been affected by anxiety, depression, all forms of sicknesses, disasters, loss of loved ones in death and other types of problems.

I thought to myself: “Is there no type of work I can do which would allow me Time Freedom and Financial Freedom to do exactly what I like to do and exactly when I like to do them?”.

I soon realise that what I want would only come about if I work for myself. I discovered that I will be satisfied if only I can totally control when I work, what I do, how much time I put into my work, who my clients and customers are, who my suppliers are, and who my business partners are. I soon realise that in this digital age, that sums up the life of many online entrepreneurs. I know many people are quite happy with paid employment, and I wish them the best. I came to realise that every human is unique and different, while some are like-minded to a reasonable degree.

I am looking for 2 sets of people to share the exact business model that I used:


1.    Those who would like to work for themselves as entrepreneurs, achieving time freedom and financial freedom to the extent they want.

2.    Those who really love their current employment, but would like to use their free time to achieve financial freedom.


If you allow me, I will show you how I got started, and how in few months I started earning enough online, to the extent of been able to quit my 9-to- 5 office job, in other to work for myself, online. The great thing I like about this business model is that I can now work anytime I want. I can also work in any location. I can work from home if I want. I can wake up at any time I want. This is truly marvellous. I am, by no means advocating laziness. I just believe that Time is a very precious commodity that should be spent with your loved ones and with those who genuinely need your help. Realising that giving is far better than receiving, is one of the “open secretes” of life. Also, coming to realisation that the best gift I could give is my time, has deeply affected me positively. There is no way I am going back to an employment cage.


So join me, let me take you through the journey.


Chuck Matthews


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