Is multitasking a myth?

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A typical scene in my family:

Thursday afternoon. In about 30 minutes, my three boys are off to practice Taekwondo together with their father. In 30 minutes they are going to eat some snacks, find their Taekwondosuits, belt, watterbottles, paddings and GOD knows what else for that sport!

The kitchen is a mess! Imagine the kids just opened the fridge and more or less just draged out the food on the counter, made their sandwiches and...left the kitchen. Like... they for real thought that the food would walk it self back in to the fridge. Oh..yea...and the dishes would jump right in to the dishwasher! Yapp! Just like that! Magic!!

I decide to take a step back, pull up my iPad and do some work while they are running around trying to get organized.

Normally I would help them to find their clothes, bottles, paddings, shoes, pick up after them i the hallway, in the kitchen....while I was making dinner. I was mutitasking all the time.

But I wanted to make a change. Is multitasking really good for you?Are you as effective as you think? Will you get more things done by multitasking or is multitasking a myth??  I decided to see what happened if I did´nt do ten things at the same time. What would happen to me? What would happen to the family?

So I sat with my iPad. Working. Doing ONE thing.

There are few things that provoced my familiy as much as this. I had tons of questions thrown at me.

Where´s my jacket?

Have you seen my keys, Mom?

Where is my backpack?

Where did you put my waterbottle?

I can´t find my phone, Mom!!

Are my shoes in the garden?

My hoodie is gone...Mooooooooom!!!!!!

I answered none before I was done with one task on the iPad. I could hear them in the background but I totally ignored them!!! 

They where so frustrated and mad. 

At me! Me??? 

Because I did´nt serve them? Or because they had to work on their patience? Or because they had access to me 24.7?

Still. 4 years later they are amazed by the fact that I am able to do one thing at a time. They are amazed by the fact that I dont´t find multitasking to be a merit in life. 

I know that job ads often describes a potential employee to be able to multitasking and that a lot of people see it as a strengt to multitask. I even know people that are proud of multitasking.I´m not and it is often a subject of interest around the dinnertable at home. 

I believe that multitasking is actually making your brain stupid. If you have 10 different things that you are doing at the same time, you divide your brain in to focus on 10 things.

1/10 of your brain, your capacity, your focus, is used per task.

Instead you could use 100% of your brain on doing one task!

My kids disagree....or their ego does anyway!

Today I listened to an intervju with a pyskologist that was talking about what multitasking is and if it is a myth or not.

Imagine me jumping up and down when the pyskologist said that multitaskting is making your brain dumb!!!! Yes!! I knew it!!!!

Gues who will be watching the taped interview tonight?

Japp!! My kids....and my husband:)

So for all of you out there who believes that multitasking benefits you...reconsider the consequences.

If you like to multitask and it works for you - keep on doing it.

But if this resonates with you - you are always able to make a change. 

A change to do ONE thing at a time. 

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