Learning To Be Extraordinary

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All my single ladies...you will definitely know what I am talking about here...
Is there anything more infuriating than when people say, 'Oh when you're not looking, the right guy will come along'. Seriously, I used to want to upper-cut punch girls when they said that. Usually they were the smug girls with long term boyfriends, I mean what the hell would they know!
So let's re-phrase that statement to make it less annoying. I think what they were trying to say was, when you are so happy in yourself and skipping through life with glee that it no longer matters if you have a partner or not, that is when you will attract the 'right' person into your life. When you are at your best, that is when you are going to attract the best partner to compliment you and give you your ultimate bliss.
On the other hand however, when I have been going through a phase of having low self esteem, a bit depressed or needy the only types of guys that I attracted at that time were guys that didn't treat me well and left me feeling even worse about myself than before I met them. Then afterwards sometimes I would lower my standards even more and welcome complete losers with open arms, desperate for affection or attention. It's sad, but I know women that have done or are doing the same thing.
For a very long time I felt that I needed someone to love me or to achieve something in my life to make me feel complete or to make me feel like a decent, respectable human.
So what has been the turning point and what am I getting at here? Well what I have learned in my years of forced singledom is to really enjoy my own company. The most important person you will ever have a relationship with is yourself so teach yourself to love you and spending time with you! You are awesome, I am awesome. Until you can love yourself you may attract some men, but you will find a much better partner who will treat you like the princess you are if you love yourself first. Because then you won't NEED their love or DEPEND on their attention.
The thought of having time to myself excites me now because I absolutely love spending time with me. Of course I still love spending time with other people, but I cherish my time alone to think about my dreams, who I am, what I want to do with my life, how I'm going to make my millions, my ideal partner, how exciting it is that I have my own business now. I read books and educate myself, go running, look up healthy recipes and do all sorts of things to make myself feel good...I mean the list goes on. I get so excited and uplifted thinking about all these things and if I didn't have time to myself to think about it all and do all these positive things, then I wouldn't be as happy as I am in myself now. So I am grateful for all my single years because honestly this feeling of self assuredness I feel now is so liberating.
I have completely stopped caring about when or how I'm going to meet my partner. Now, I just walk around on cloud nine most of the time, thinking about all the wonderful things in my life and being grateful for everything I have been blessed with. Walking down the street listening to music and smiling I see people looking at me...probably wondering why is she smiling and so happy. Often people even smile back!
Starting a digital business and having to develop new skills, delve deeper into who I am and what my WHY is in life has made me realise how much I have to offer. All the content I share, my mission for what we are doing to help people and the love I feel in my heart every day because I'm doing something I'm passionate about...this is bliss. I'm so grateful for the day I opened that video series that got me started. It's been an amazing journey in only 9 months and I've really only just begun. So much more is yet to come and every day feels like a gift.
My relationship affirmation has always been that I want to have an extraordinary relationship with the most gorgeous man and be completely, passionately in love. The Universe has just been waiting for me to become the extraordinary woman that I need to be in order to attract that man into my life. And do you know what? I have a feeling he is very close by...perhaps I have already met him? See if I'm right. Watch this space...
I'd love to hear any stories or comments if anyone can relate to the above. Feel free to private message me on our Facebook page - Freedom Dash. Or if you want to check out the video series that has began a massive shift in my life then click here to get started today.
Keep focusing on your freedom!
Lots of love,
Avalon xoxo
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