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Every one of us is seeking answers to several questions throughout our lifetime. The saying is true, living is a lifetime of learning. With Obscura, I refer to photography, which plays an important part in my life. I tell you later why is it so.
I don't know how are you with this, but I have spent many many years living in a way that despite all the good happened, still left me with some uncertain feeling that I could be capable of much more, I could live a life that is more full, but was lack of the answer for how.

We are distracted by everyday things, compliance at work, a lot of bills to pay, and we don’t even notice but days, months, years pass, and after a while, we get there that even though we feel good about our lives, we somehow lose our motivation, we lose our happiness and we can’t find our place. This leads to burnout for many of us, we start looking for new ways, or we just put up with what we live for. Whether good or bad. In photography, the first imaging device was called the camera obscura. This analogy led me to try to show how decisive and important our own vision is, our approach. It feels a bit like living inside the box and seeing another world through a small tiny hole that we suspect exists, but we’re not very involved in it. Why? Because we really think we have everything in the box here. But somehow it is not complete, yet we desire a fuller life. If you got here too, and you feel the same way, you're in the right place.

I walked the bumpy road of career building. Over the years, I’ve gotten into high positions, been a leader, built a team, tried everything, and experienced what it’s like to be part of the big system. In fact, there are good things, for a long time I felt like yes, everything works fine. Meanwhile, the family came, we went on the road together. Then after a while, I felt like I wanted to live differently though. I want more time in everyday life, I want to spend more time with my family, with my kids. I want to spend more time with other things besides work. And that’s the moment you realize you’re actually addicted to your work, your life, and the circumstances you create. Yes, exactly, that’s inside the box, since you’ve built this, and you might even have all the comforts. But after a while, you can’t resist the change. Not because it comes from outside and is a compulsion, not no. The demand, the desire for something else, is much more expressed in you.
This is a big dilemma and uncertainty. Many times you can feel that the number of hours is finite in one day, no more time. Our work is important because we make a living from it. Family is the most important. But still, something needs to change. I can help you with that. I went through the same thing.

First, you need a great conversation with Yourself. Honestly. You need to be able to articulate what is good in your life, what is not, what you want to change, and what you no longer want to do. It’s best to describe these things to yourself. But be honest with yourself. Just so you know what proportion you stand with.

So you get your own camera obscura in your hands too. Look around in your box and look at the world out there. Open the door and exit. Dare to change. Worth it.

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