Magic Happens When We Surrender; The Art of Surrendering and Letting Go

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We seem to be operating from a place of fear, as we feel the need to control everything.

Surrendering means to let go of a need to control the outcome.

The need to control is rooted in fear. We are afraid of what will happen in a situation, if it turns out differently than how we want it to turn out.

Magic happens when we learn to surrender, when we learn to trust that whatever outcome comes our way, we will be ok.

When we let go and surrender we open ourselves to all sorts of wonderful possibilities that are not always attached to what we think is best for us.

Attempting to control means we limit possibilities. As we surrender, we begin to open up to all options – especially those beyond what we can see or even imagine.

Deepak Chopra talks about plugging into the field of infinite possibilities and remembering that our true nature and source energy is beyond our wildest imagination.

This is mastering the art of surrender.

Beautiful things happen when we surrender.

Essentially surrender is to stop fighting, stop resisting against what’s happening right now and allowing natural flow with things.

Complete acceptance of what is, and trusting all will be well.

As we begin to trust, we move out of the thinking, logical mind and into the realm of intuition and our heart.

We allow the heart and our intuition to guide us and let go of the need to control outcomes.

Surrendering is not about inaction.

It’s not about giving up either. Surrendering is when after putting all the passion, intention and focus in what you want, you relax and allow it to come to you with faith. That either it will manifest or guidance will come through as to your next step in the right direction.

Ask yourself what will happen if you choose to let go, learn to accept that things will work out without your input.

The secret lies in being present and not controlling the future outcome.

The magic happens when you are holding on to the intention of what you what to achieve without forcing how the outcome should look like.

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