Dream Big - Achieve Your Goals

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Dream big and make them come true

In order to achieve your goals, you should first start to dream big. It helps to visualize the end result. Imagine having a successful career, a beautiful home, living in a peaceful community, being an author, living a life of freedom, or retire early. When you visualize your dreams it helps to be very specific. Being specific, makes you thought and dream a lot more real, more tangible, and more certain. Have you thought of a vision board? It is a really cool way of making your dreams look more realistic. You can get a large piece of construction paper from the dollar store or use a wall. Find pictures that resonate with you and what you want and desire out of life. You can find pictures on the internet, in a magazine, or draw them. Add notes to the vision board...like I want to be a famous movie star by Dec 31, 2018. I want to make a million dollars by July 1, 2019, or win a million dollars bu Sept 1, 2018. Be specific with your dreams and goals.

Plan on how you are going to be successful

Next, take some action towards what you want. If you want to be an author but struggle for time. Buy a notepad and keep it with you or add software to your phone to help you take inspiring notes, words, and ideas as you go through your day. Make a plan on how to achieve your goals. If you want to own your own business, why not draft up a list of everything you need to do this, including a budget and a time-frame. It's easy to dream but making plans gets this in motion.

Perseverance pays off

If only we could get everything we want to be handed to us on a silver platter. Wow, that would be something else. However, it would make a boring life and a life unfulfilled if you don't accomplish your own goals. It would be unfair to deny yourself the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Going through ups and downs is apart of life and makes us wiser and stronger. Having things handed to you is rare and it would be like cheating yourself out of learning, growing and feeling a sense of accomplishment let along building your own self-confidence.

Think of this...

If life were like a video game and you had the cheat codes to beat it, then would you feel unfulfilled doing so. Yourself knowing that it was an underhanded accomplishment, and knowing it was dishonest, would that really make you feel good as a person.

Do the ends justify the means? The answer is, no. If you really want something out of life that seems out of your grasp then you will have to work extra hard at it. Live and breathe your life focusing on your end goal. Don't give up when the going gets tough. Perseverance will eventually pay off.

Celebrate your milestone achievements

Nothing feels more rewarding than breaking through to success and achieving your goals. Your goals can be set-up with small milestones (check-points). You don't have to celebrate only when you have reached the end goal. Your plan should be specific and have step-by-step tasks to get you to your end result. Even if you think it is unobtainable, do it anyways. You will be surprised that it can be achieved if you only believe.

So, achieve your goals in life, whatever they are. Big or small. Dream, visualize, make plans, take action, and celebrate your results. Then, find another goal; wash, rinse and repeat! Life is a journey of learning, doing, and teaching. That is what our soul is really craving, to give back by teaching people too. Tell them what you have learned, how you've accomplished all of your goals and how you've become the success you are. It will be another rewarding goal to strive for, for that will actually feed your soul.

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