Passive income, the holly grail of financial freedom.

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Passive incomes the holy grail of all people that have achieved financial success and in this article I am going to share with you how to start generating from where ever you are now financial to the point where your passive income matches your salary, from that point on you will know exactly what to do, when it comes to income we all depend on it on one or a combination of 3 different kinds, most people depend on linear income, that means that they have to trade time for money it does not matter what you do if you have a job or you are your own boss if you only earn depending on the amount of time you spend doing what you do, you are depended on liner income, the problem with this model is that there are only so many hours in the day and to earn more you have to work more, now there is a second type of income called leverage income, this is where other you use others peoples work while you make the profit, this is a great way to make money because others will make your money for you, per example selling your products or services using affiliate marketing or franchising your business, the third king of income is passive income, earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or another enterprise in which he or she is not materially involved.

Most people work for a living and that is ok there is nothing wrong with that, the reason is because we where thought in school by the system we grew up in that that is the norm, go to school find a good job and live paycheck to paycheck, does it sound familiar?, it is also because is the easy thing to do there is no hassle other than finding a job, you don’t have to worry about building anything it is already done just do the job and get paid, so most people depend on this type of income because they don’t know how to get out of the cycle they are living in, so this means that the first thing that holds most people back from achieving financial freedom is knowledge, let me congratulate you because with being here you are taking the first step, with so much information available the only thing you have to do is make the commitment to your self to learning and take action toward a better future, now lets not get ahead of our selves and start talking about making millions by next week, however if that is your goal you have to understand that is going to take time and we got to start right here.

What is the first goal? Definitely to replace the income in which you are dependent right now with passive income, this way you could be free of needing the job you have right now and focus completely on building your residual income, don’t get me wrong the goal is not to quit your job, but too not need from it to keep living the lifestyle you are accustomed to, the idea is that once you learn how to produce residual income once you can repeat the process again and again to a point where you feel that it is safe to stop working so you can focus on growing your portfolio of revenue without worrying about how are you going to pay the bills this month.

How are we going to achieve this? Well the best way to start is the internet there are different ways to start generating income without investing a lot of money or even any money up front, now not everybody is tech savvy but I am under the idea that you are willing to do anything to make this happen including learning new skills, you see to get out of the cycle you have to train your brain and add knoll age, it is impossible to get different results doing things as we are doing them right now so to get different results you have to upgrade your capability to serve and add value to other peoples lives, what do i mean with this? let's say that you the skills you have right now had a value to your employer, so why should he pay you more? the only way that you would get a raise is if you add value to his company by learning new skills, so with this mindset focus on the first goal where you have the option to work for your self, you could give your self a raise every time you wanted just by learning a new skill, the only place where is most likely to be successful is the digital economy, where the internet is the platform all people use to trade, shop, learn and find what they need in general, you see the internet in the last 20 years is the only thing that has been in constant growth non stop and the future only promises to make it bigger and with more possibilities than any other commercial platform in the world, so if you want results you have to sow a seed in theist ground available.

What is the first move? Making that first revenue stream it does not matter how small it is once you learn how to promote a product or service you will be able to promote hundreds, then grow to high tickets items that will give you better earning per sale, by this time your brain whisper you the first excuse why not to make a move, please ignore it, its job is to keep you in the most comfortable situation possible, just remember comfort zones are like wastelands where nothing grows, this is why most people never make a move, but you are not like most people you are here and that means that you are actively searching for growth and a desire a better future for your self and your family, let me share with you where I started changing my life, I learn the basics from a 7 video series it was free and it still is from there I made it a priority to dedicate at least 30 min a day learning and applying what I learned in about 2 months I was having results, those 2 months where going to ass anyways and I m glad I started doing something because in the end of those 2 months I was going to be in the same place earning the same check and still wishing for a better life, so I encourage you to see this videos just CLICK HERE and ill send them to you, if you find that this is not the way for you at least you can cross it off and find your way, but I'm sure you can make it happen, my best wishes to you.

Rafael Vazquez

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