Playing With Different Media To Create Different Effects

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Hello Everyone,

This last week I have been playing with different media to create different effects.  I have been using the same sketch which I used a reference for on Pinterest and applied colour both digitally and with watercolour.

Experimentation - Watercolour

I wanted to use the same sketch to see how different it looked if I applied colour with different mediums.  I started with watercolour paints as I cracked open my new pallet :-). I started with applying a light wash of colour over all the areas and then let that dry off.  I then started with the skin which was the largest area and built up the colour gradually.  I really tried to emphasise the highlights and shadows.

After the skin I moved round to different sections of the sketch and gradually built them up. This is the finished painting below.  Considering it is only the third watercolour painting I have ever done I am really pleased with it.

                      Playing With Different Media To Create Different Effects

Experimentation - Digital

I used the same principles with the digital sketch as I did with the watercolour one.  I used the ‘paint’ brush set in Procreate and started with the skin to apply a light wash and built up from there.  I used layers and separated out the skin, shawl, glasses and hair so that I could work on each bit separately without ruining the base sketch or other areas.

So a light wash over each area in the respective colour for each bit then build up emphasising the highlights and shadows.  Below is the final digital painting version.

                        Playing With Different Media To Create Different Effects

Play Play Play Experiment And Play

This was such an interesting experiment and I don’t know what even prompted it really, it just popped in my brain as an idea so I thought I would follow it through to see what happened.

Each medium has it’s own benefits and I will say it is easier with digital as you can erase any errors easily but with live paint…not so easy. 

It’s interesting how using different medias with paint can create different outcomes.  I encourage you to have a go.  Find a sketch you like and re-do it a couple of times and colour each one in a different media.  It could be one in gouache and another in marker or watercolour and digital like me.  Whatever you choose, have fun and just see where it takes you.  All experimentation is learning but with art it always feels fun.

To see my progress steps with this check out my instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Until next week Happy Sketching


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