Reality...What is it?

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Reality...What is it?

Open your eyes and see the material items around you. Is that all that there is? Have you ever changed your perspective and seen more around you that wasn't there before? What if you say daily affirmations does your day get better? We are not taught this in our schools or in society however it's worth trying. It's reminding you that you are a beautiful, Loved perfect being. You are taken care of and always will be. Change your thoughts and you change your reality. An investment in yourself gives the best rewards.

Being Authentic

undefined So who's reality is real then? Maybe being accepting and not judgmental of others is just what we need. Since we all see our own reality. Does that make the eye of the beholder correct? Correcting your thought takes work. It takes creative planning time. And it takes the courage to change your thoughts over fear, judgment or lack when these concepts creep into our self-talk. It does not intel someone saying you are wrong. It's about you desiring a different reality thus creating it mentally.

Life Is Fluid

 I say Reality is like a river, constantly changing. Those with courage keep daring to create a new reality faster and faster. Those stuck in fear, lack, or the material senses have a slower,  possibley a turbulent, creek. We each inspire the other to flow and possibly Love more. Though we are on different parts of the river, we are all one, not one part better or worse, all vital to creating, learning and awakening to what could possibly be heaven on earth. I'm willing to see that reality. Are you?

Create Miracles By Changing Perspective

 I picture a child teaching us how to do this. Raising up a knee and an arm high in the air and thumping on the ground or in the air at the same time saying "NO!" They are demanding a different reality. I think we can all learn from this and do the same. If not only in your head the energy that shifts your reality is still the same. Jesus did the same thing, created miracles by changing perspective. Knowing all was well. Or that there was wine in the barrels. Mary Baker Edey had a man come to her door to deliver water and he said "there won't be much more water the well is dry." and Ms. Edey said when the man left "doesn't he know God provides the water!" The next day the man arrived with water and said the well was full again! Over and over again in history, we have these stories. What story are you going to create?

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Jennifer Fay Rice


Thetahealer & Practioner 

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