Reconnect with your Dreams

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Do you remember the dreams you had for your know, back when you thought anything was possible?

Like exploring the world, like owning that beautiful car, like living in that gorgeous house, like not having a job that pays you less than you know you are worth, like not worrying about the price tag on anything because money didn't matter?

What happened to those dreams?  Chances are they are still there in the recesses of your mind just waiting to be liberated into reality.  Your reality.

I took stock of my life recently and I wondered what my life might look like five years from now if I didn't take steps to make a change.  Same job.  Same people.  Same routine.  Same commute.  Same mediocre pay.  Wow.....boring!  I wanted more.

So I enrolled at University and started an Accounting degree - education is key right?  I was Ace-ing my papers and enjoyed the learning, but to be honest the closer I got to completing my degree the more hesitant I became.  I felt like I was being locked in, being pigeon-holed into a lifestyle that wasn't entirely what I was wanting.   Don't get me wrong there are plenty of plusses for a university education, but my key driver was I didn't want to be trading hours for money anymore.  I wanted financial and time freedom and this just wasn't going to get me there.

So what would my dream life look like?  And what sort of vehicle would take me to where I wanted to be?  I made a wish list:

  • Work from home
  • Ability to create passive income
  • Be my own boss
  • Work my own hours
  • Have time to spend with my family and friends
  • Be relevant in today's world
  • Be creative with an element of spontaneity and fun
  • Be involved with like-minded people

Was there really an opportunity out there that would satisfy all my requirements?  Well, the answer is YES!  My Accountant introduced me to a business opportunity that got me really excited!  It was in the digital marketing arena, which was a completely new niche for me.  I mean I was such a tech-newbie, I hadn't even worked out how to used Facebook yet!  But I was assured that with this business I would be provided with step by step instruction on the 'how-to's', be given all the tools that were required and be mentored through to success. 

OMG.  My dreams were actually becoming a reality!  Do you know how empowering that is?  Do you know how much energy and drive I have back in my life? Do you know how damn good that feels!

So that's what I'm doing now.  I'm in such a good space right now.  I love waking up excited about my day - every day.  You know, you really don't have to settle for a life that is dragged down by mediocrity.  All you have to do is reconnect with your dreams and dare to believe that they can come true.  

Put it this way, if you are looking for a better way of life then, where will you be in 5 years if you don't make a change?  Start listening to that little voice inside of you that is telling you to DO something about it.  Take back your power and live your life, your way and reconnect with your dreams - they might just surprise you!  

Reconnect with your dreams

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