Refocus your Mind to Stay Motivated

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What is up everyone?!

Today I want to be brutally honest with you all.  And the truth is....I am not at a point where I can actually put money down for paid advertisements.  In fact, I do not even know how to create an ad video or if my affiliate links are even attached properly. I have really just been trying to practice being in front of the camera and getting my voice bearings.


And I have to be ok with this.

But my sigh alone tells me otherwise.  It showcases to myself and to you all that emotionally I am in too much discord to gain any real traction to move myself into a state of being motivated.  It would be unrealistic for me to tell you all that I can move from this place of misalignment and frustration to a place of hope and joy.  It is way too far of an emotional jump.  So instead I am going to focus on moving into the emtional space of contentment.

Today is Going to Be a Good Day

So while I write to you here, allow me to walk you all through a process I used today to get myself back into alignment and positive upswing.  A process I have learned from Abraham Hicks relative to the Law of Attraction.

And that process is to "go general" with my thoughts.  Less on the specifics or details of where I want to be and more on the general well being I feel relative to where I am at.

And the most general I can go today is ...

It is what it is!

I have been a member of sfm for 1 month.  Up to this point, I have been solely focusing on going through the contents of the program. The dashboard itself holds so much information it would take me months to go through it all.  I feel conflicted because I want to start advertising sooner than it would take for me to go through all the available content from the site.  But the reality is I am not ready to advertise.  I'm really only at the point where I am getting ready to be ready to advertise.

I can't have this inner conflict because it's slowing my momentum down and bringing me to a place of disbelief.  At the start of today I found myself thinking thoughts relative to the belief that I would not be able to achieve what my mentors Jay and Stuart and the other successful students within the sfm community have .... Financial & Time Freedom.


Intellectually, I can tell myself this is not a true thought, but it's more important I get my emotions caught up.

The truth is the information within the dashboard is not going anywhere.  New content is constantly being added.  The beautify of the sfm platform is its ease of use.  I have the ability to pick and choose where I want to focus my attention. My strengths may or may not be the same as yours, but in the general scope of the program there are a variety of trainings relative to mindset, content creation and management through to the technical side of marketing.  Pick your avenue, really.

But for me, I am not finished with the modules yet.  At least I can appreciate that because it gives me clarity and allows me to refocus to where I need to be spending my time.  I'm in the middle of module 5 and I now aspire to have it finished by the end of the week.  It's not even recommended that I start advertising until I finish all 5 modules.  It's interesting how we can each get in our own way.  I can still hold onto my eagerness but lessen my intense need to effort. 

The relief is already starting to set in ...

What's more general is the fact of how I am actively making changes to my lifestyle and work/life balance in order to continue to support myself with additional discretionary income to embark on this investment of self.

1.] Last Monday I downsized my car.  And this past week I have been back and forth at the RMV 3 times attempting to get it registered.  Talk about eating up my free time!  However, today I completed the registration and state inspection so I am good to go!  And despite the downsize, my new car is still fun and brightly colored.  I really can't complain, I'm lucky I attracted such a vehicle into my journey.


2.] I also work 3 jobs in addition to the work I do with sfm. So between running my ready-made meal delivery business, teaching yoga 2x a week and waiting tables full time... I know how important it is for me to stay sane.  It's not practical to drop all of these income producing activities and invest solely into my marketing efforts for sfm.  That would create even more discord for myself.  Instead the only change I could make that doesn't leave me panicked is dropping 1 shift at the restaurant.  The financial impact isn't too big and the extra time I gain I can allocate to sfm and growing my online business.

It's not ideal, but again, it's as general as I can be at this stage of the game.  And it feels like the right direction to take.

3.] One other thing I am beginning to do is search around for a smaller apartment.  Downsizing to cut more of my costs and free up discretionary income is a priority for me.  I have also reached out to a loan officer to get information on obtaining a business line of credit.  I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow.  I aim to talk through my thoughts and learn of any plausable concerns.  Otherwise, I feel pretty good so far about this venture.

In the end, I decided to move forward with the sfm mentors and community because:

  • I want to learn more about the online digital marketing space.
  • I want to learn how to create professional online advertisements.
  • I want to stay relevant to the impact of the digital economy on commerce.

And not only do I want to learn these skills, I want to master them so that I can migrate away from my current lifestyle and into a lifestyle of financial independence and time freedom.  It just sounds so delicious and I can't wait to get there!!

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