Make your Social Media Calendar Seasonal

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Care for some 'season-ing' in your Social Media Calendar in a 'spook-tacular' way?

Looking at the task of filling the blanks in a Social Media Calendar is eerie, we agree.  But like with everything that looks like a huge mountain to climb, we know you have to break it down into manageable steps. So how do you do that with a year of Social Media Content to put out onto the world wide web.

1.) Break it down into the four seasons we annually have

You don't need to look far, any shop is geared towards the seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Do the same in your calendar. Change your banners quarterly to take care of the seasons as they pass through.


2.) Break down the seasons with holiday's

Got Holidays to take care of within the season? Do it!

Like Halloween there are several annual holidays (and they may vary in every country) that you can integrate into your Social Media Calendar.  Make sure you are catering visually as much as verbally and information wise to your annual holiday's. 


3.) The gift of giving

Integrate the 'gift of giving' as opportunities within your seasons on your social media calendar. Make room for quarterly (at least), up to date, valuable give away's to keep your social media channels fresh and up to date.


4.) Make room for fun-portunities

People love to laugh! Sure it’s cheesy, but puns and memes work on social media, no doubt! You’d be surprised how freely people will share something that made them smile or chuckle. When coupled with a call-to-action in the caption that encourages viewers to tag a friend for example, you can get your followers to share your photo (and brand) with their friends, and their friends with their... and so on. Organic marketing for the win!


We know how difficult it can be sometimes to fill the whole of the calendar but rest assured, whilst you may not need to fill in ever day's spot right now, you will need to spend some time on it.  A 'simple' looking post does only look simple because it is made to look that way (same as the Olympians who look like they picked up their sport only yesterday). 

Believe us, more often than not, it takes companies more than a few minutes to find or create something to share. Just one example here: In the case of digital agency Huge, it took two entire months to plan and send the following tweet on behalf of their client President Cheese:


The post caption said:

Sharing a Camembert with friends? (How generous!) Get the best flavor by serving at room temperature. #artofcheese 

It had 169,169 Retweets and 972,972 likes

Planning social media posts in advance will ensure that you always have quality content to share with your social media followers and it is as simple as that.

You have no social media calendar and don't know where to start? Use the one below and adapt it to your needs: 

Can't wait to see all the content come out well planned and mapped  ;)


Tony & Carmen

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