Get Over That Overwhelm!

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Have you ever gotten to a point in your life that you really feel like you need to Get Over That Overwhelm. Y'know when you've set out to do something. You've made yourself a serious goal and even though you really want it, that overwhelming feeling kicks in and it almost paralyzes you and after you start to feel lethargic at the idea of pushing on with this mission of yours. 

Don't let life get you down in that sense, in fact don't life ever get you down. Because when you're feeling down you're less receptive to your heart and that is the one thing that will always get you through (more on that in next week's blog)
Believe in yourself and know that this mission of yours, IS YOURS and you CAN complete it.
Along with basically everything else in life, it's just a matter of getting used to it. 

Remember when you first started driving and your head could hardly wrap itself around having to steer the wheel, let alone changing gears, accelerating, braking, checking the rearview mirrors, so on and so forth? Now you can handle driving a car with not a problem, right?

This was a super evident thing for me just recently in fact.
Since moving to Spain, I had only just gone about getting my driver's license here (Australian license not valid in Spain :(  )
So it not being valid meant I had to go through the whole process of obtaining my license like a person that's never driven a car in his or her life beofre.

Here in Spain if you do not hold a license the only way you can practice is with a certified driving instructor. You can't jump behind the wheel with an L plate and have your dad next to you and go for your drives.
So yeah it's a huge business here and because there are so many people going for their lessons, the schools actually put like 3 students in the car together at the same time and they go off for 3-4 hours driving around and at 1 and a half hour intervals the students would change seats and we'd continue on our way. In a way it was pretty shitty because for me to do my 1.5hr lesson I had to be in the car driving around for another 2 students to do their class.


So as annoying as that was it gave me the chance to learn a little something about how our brains work. So bare with me on this and I'll explain. I'll even dot point it so I don't ramble;

The difference between me:

  • I've ALWAYS loved driving (I was already behind the wheel of a car when I was 12, driving around car parks and  so forth)
  • I race competition 125cc 2 stroke karts (so driving really close at high speeds next to other vehicles doesn't phase me) 
  • I've held my Australian driver's license for over 10 years now
  • I love driving so much that I almost live for it. hahahaha


  • They've never been able to drive as a young kid around places
  • For most of them, it could've been almost the first time driving
  • Essentially never driven a car

So as to not drag this out any longer than it has to be
I was sitting in the car after having done my lesson and watching the other students almost having a panic attack at doing something that for me is as natural as can be and almost certainly after a little bit more time they too will Get Over that Overwhelm. It's just a matter of time. 

So if there is something out there for you that is overwhelming you and you feel scared to push on due to that "possibility" of you failing. JUST DO IT. Every journey, big or small always starts with the first step. You just have to take that first step to eventually arrive at your destination. 


A journey that I have set off on and have had my fair share of Overwhelming moments and it's only been around 4 months since starting is my awesome Digital Lifestyle Career, it's been a really enjoyable and lifechanging experince being apart of the sweet as SFM community. I continually see myself improving and the overwhlem is melting away.

It's something that I've been able to do right along side my restaurant business and have really enjoyed the experience so far.

I'm going to wrap this blog up now but just letting you know next week's blog is going to be on an amazing book I've recently read... And usually I never read books.

Now if you have found this new path I'm on to be somewhat intriguing take a look at the link at the bottom of this post. 
"Free online business start up bundle" I believe it's called. It's a 7 day video series and it's really fun and exciting. I highly recommend it. 
It's something that will give you a really great idea of what it is that I'm doing right now.
Or if you like, just wait until I make a little blog about it.  ;) 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you found value in this blog about Getting Over That Overwhelm and I wish you all a successful day.

Danny Sirvent  L I F E S T Y L E  21
(The Lifestyle Clique)

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