Small towns are ideal for Digital Business

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I live in a small town! The town is blessed with a 200/200 megabit fiber that can reach out to the world!

People talk of living the laptop lifestyle of beaches and travel. When I think of the digital lifestyle it is an escape from traffic chaos and crime that the large cities tend to have as facets! You can successfully operate a business online from a town such as Greymouth!

Since my Daughter was 2 years old I have worked from home in an online setting being there for preschool-primary school and high school. She is 21 years old now and still is at home (that is another story). Yes, I have traveled, however I prefer the small town feel where you can walk down the street and know the other people and say hello by name!

I am grateful for the online flexible learning options that are available to anyone -including you! The company I have with my business partner (also living in a village) provide online based courses in social media and business coaching. You may ask how did we get the courage to break out into this business! We did so by learning about the opportunities via the Six Figure Mentors network! Anyone can experience the same transformation as us!

What is holding you back?

Feedback is appreciated!

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