Stepping stones to success!

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Do you desire success? What does it mean to live a successful life? 

What is success anyway?

   Most people do not understand that they are vibrational beings, constantly interacting with the laws of Universe. Every thought, every feeling you experience in a day, is not only what makes your day "good or bad" it's the formula for the future you are creating. Read that again and let it sink in.

  When you truly understand how your thoughts, words and feelings create your reality you will start to eliminate words and thoughts like… I can’t, I’m broke, I’m poor, it doesn’t work, it’s awful, I hate him/her, no one understands, nothing works for me, what’s the point, I don’t know what to do, it doesn’t matter what I do nothing ever change, I’m stuck, I’m lonely, no one cares, too much work, not enough work, too much time, not enough time. Poor…. Stuck… lonely… struggling… stressed… poor… stuck… lonely… struggling… stressed… poor… argh!!!!!!!!!


It’s time to shift!

  Remind yourself every day -Things are always working out one way or the other. One of my favorite quotes to repeat every day is “ Right here right now I have everything I need and more.” This sentence gives me such a beautiful feeling of abundance and gratitude to life. And it is so easy to align with because no matter when I say it… it is always true.

 When things are not to your liking simply take note that you are being showed what you are still attracting and where your focus is.  You are creating it.  Accept that your world is work in progress. “It is what it is”. Release the resistant thoughts. Give Universe a helping hand to give YOU what you “really” want by giving clear instructions. Get clear on the thoughts that are running through your head because your thoughts are the seed to your feelings and your feelings are the seed to what you get. Become the observer of your mind. Believe me, it will serve you well.

5 steps to success!

1 - Space for action

  Between the struggle and the despair there is space. In this space there’s room for action. My world is a work in progress and I have a lot I want to improve. By keeping my focus in the space between the struggle and the despair I can move forward with laser sharp intention of creating the life I want for myself and my loved once. In this space there’s hard work yes but there’s no struggle because I know where I’m going.  When you know where you are going you will find ways to get there.  Struggling is what you do when you’re holding on to problems and have no clarity on where you are heading.  There are solutions to every problem and in case there’s no solution then why worry? What you can’t change, leave behind! It serves you no good to dwell on it. Either way don’t be the one who find problems to every solution. 

2 – Plug in

  One very powerful tool you can give yourself to release resistant thoughts is to meditate. Not only will it serve you with precious relaxing moments, it will give you the paintbrush to create your masterpiece. By connecting with your true inner being and source energy more clarity will follow, ideas and creativity will flourish and you will find yourself empowered and centered.  Without exception every time I fall off track with meditation I loose clarity, focus, confidence and willpower with my goals. My daily habit to meditate is by far the most powerful tool I have to express more of what’s going on within me and to be centered and focused in my daily actions.

 3 - Lift yourself when you need it

  You can’t listen to positive upbeat music or have inspiring conversations without feeling good just as you can’t listen to arguments or negative stuff without feeling pulled down. And believe me Universe is listening to your every call out, every word; every feeling. Every feeling felt is your asking.  Make sure you know what you are asking for. “Universe loves you unconditionally and will always without exception give you what you are asking for.” (Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks). You are a vibrational being. You are creator of your own reality because you’re offering a vibration and what you get is a match to that vibration.

  You can control your own vibration by controlling your thoughts. By simply listening to something that lifts your spirit you are aligning yourself to a higher vibration and by constantly aiming to aligning yourself to a higher vibration you are allowing your desires to flow to you.

4 - Declutter

  Regarding any issues you have with finances, relationships or health, if you have nine things out of ten that is not going well you need to focus on the one thing that IS working so you can be a vibrational match to that success. None resistance is about none clutter. Universe likes clarity and works with speed. The clearer you are in your asking the faster things come into motion. When your inner space is in turmoil with mixed emotions there’s no clarity, there’s no clear guidance to what it is you really want. Drop all the garbage and stay focused on what IS working to your satisfaction. Show immense gratitude to that and the rest will eventually follow.

5 – Support

  Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Avoid disbelievers and if you can’t avoid them simply don’t share your dreams with them. If you have no family or friends around you who believe in your dreams never mind, as long as you do that’s all that matters. You will carry yourself towards your dream goals. Don’t give them importance. Instead find likeminded people who are not afraid to dream and to take action on their dreams. Let the “I’ll show you” silently be your drive. One day you will be able to look at the disbelievers and say ‘told yah’.  Find a community with people with the same drive to change their life’s as you have.  This is where you can get the back up support when you need it and celebrate the wins along the way.

My community

  I have found my community in SFM and I bless the day I decided to join this awesome team. I’m on a learning curve with new skills that is not only giving me tremendous value and income opportunity while I’m in the process, but the knowledge I’m gaining will serve everything I decide to unfold further down the road.  Being a fairly newbie as a internet entrepreneur  is challenging but by learning from the pro’s with proven records I know I’m on the right track.  My confidence in reaching my goals are constantly growing and the roots are growing deeper and stronger each day.

I’m on my way and I know where I’m going!

Much love



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