Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

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In my previous job, I was working for an English bank in Geneva. It was, in fact, a major bank at the national level with some subsidiaries in some places specialized in private banking.

At one point in time, it became obvious that the Geneva branch would disappear. Results were dropping and every line of business had to refer to the UK office.

When I realized that, I decided to change to another employer. The big majority of my colleagues just ignored the situation and stayed until the Geneva branch was sold and many of them lost their job.

Worse, the fact to be many at the same time searching for a job made it still more difficult to get hired. 

In today's economy, and in life in general, we have to anticipate and be ready if an opportunity knocks at the door.

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What I didn't do at that time was to seize the opportunity to change my professional orientation. I guess I chose the esay solution. I still liked my job and got a comfortable salary.

Today, for other reasons, I have this same feeling that I must do some change with the inconvenience to be too old to find an opportunity in the same domain. Also, I'm not sure to still like what I do.

Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Today, the opportunity has a name: the digital economy.

Preparation is ongoing because of the chance that we have today is the existence of the internet. And with the internet, we have many possibilities to get trained to become an expert in digital marketing.

This being said, nothing is easy and the 'get rich overnight' method does not exist.

You have to learn first and get some support to succeed. The good news is that there is a community and a training available and done by successful people who have managed to go through the technical difficulties and decided to help you by making it easier by providing specialized tools. 

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