TGIM - Thank God It's Monday

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Before you contact me to say I've got the title phrase wrong, I can tell you that the title isn't a typo and although I still love the phrase "Thank God It's Friday", why can't we also love and believe the phrase Thank God It's Monday?

How many people every week spoil their Sunday afternoon dreading Monday morning? How many people get up on a Monday dreading the rest of the day and even the rest of the week desperate to be able to say "Thank God It's Friday"?

I've been there myself for many years but I no longer have to dread Monday and I can enjoy my full day on a Sunday and wake on a Monday feeling grateful it's as good as any other day. 

What inspired me to write this blog is while I read the book "5, Where will you be 5 years from today?" by Dan Zadra, Kobi Yamada, Kristel Wills and Steve Potter, I came across a paragraph that really hit me and it goes as follows; 

"TGIM: Dreading Mondays is a ridiculous way to spend one-seventh of your life, but that's the weird habit that millions of people have fallen into. Imagine this: Over the next five years you'll receive the gift of 260 different Mondays, each one coming into your life fresh and full of promise. What kind of magic and miracles could you create with that kind of time? Why not be a maverick? Why not welcome every Monday with the same anticipation and excitement that most people reserve just for Fridays?"

Get's you thinking doesn't it? 1/7th of our lives over the next 5 years wasted on dread and misery just because of that Monday feeling, or as a character in one of my favourite films (Office Space) says "looks like a case of the Mondays"

The reason I don't feel these negative Monday emotions anymore is down to my Mentors Jay and Stuart who are helping me train in a whole new industry that gives me time and financial freedom. It takes work, commitment and time to start with but with a great pay off, you don't have to dread Mondays anymore. 

Please feel free to view my link below if you want to understand more and thanks for reading. 

All the best for your future however you choose to spend it.

Mark Johnson 

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