The Email That Changed My Life

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This is a true story about an email I sent about twelve years ago that changed my life, my work, my income and my then future prospects. 

It began on a dreary Monday in Febuary. You know the type, heavy skies, cold, drizzle, dark by 2pm. It was lunch in the office, I had aready been to the canteen for a cup of insipid coffee and a microwaved ham and cheese roll, (Nasty)! If you have visited Italy you know that coffee is not insipid and if you have visited France you know that a ham and cheese is a delight, Croque-monsieur.

Retuning to my desk and having some 15 minutes to spare, I found myself on Monster. This would not have been the first time. I knew deepdown I needed a change, but what? Another important point, worth mentioning, is that by then, I was married and had started a family, well, when I say stared a family I mean that Jackie and I had, at that time, five children, including twins. Part of my thought process was their future. So what was fuelling that thought process? Easy, sun and sea, I wanted the kids to grow up in the sunshine on the beach. 

Somehow I wandered into an advert for property rep's in Spain, Marbelle to be exact. Reading it through a couple of times I was unsure, what an earthquake with aftershock's and a smallish tsunami would ensue. 'No perhaps not' was my first thought and I clicked off. Then something very odd happened, it is as if I was taken over. Perhaps I found some courage! It is all too easy to carry on doing the same thing over and over expecting things to somehow get better. This, acording to Einstein, is insanity.

Five minutes later, I had drafted a very polite covering letter and uploaded my C.V. I then sat back slumped in my chair, What the hell was I doing? Once I had calmed down I thought it was just foolhardiness, and anyway, I did not have International property sales experience , and almost certainly that would be the end of the matter. (This, by the way, was not the email of the title). 

Sure enough, two days later I recieved a reply. How many of you have had this?

Thank you for your interest in our company, we are sorry to inform you that we feel that you are not suitable at this time, however, we will keep you CV. on record with the hope that something may be more suitable for someone with your experience in the future. 

In some ways I was relieved, but this only lasted a few seconds, then I was mad as hell. How dare they 'bloody cheek'. This was my 'dont they know who I am moment'.

Now we get to it. I immediately shot out a stern yet polite reply. Pointing out, that, although I did not have the requisite skills the ad', as posted, mentioned full training would be given, and that I had other skiils that where eminently transferable.

That was an end to it, I had had the last say, I felt better about myself. Good for me. However, on friday evening, about 6pm, I had made it home and was making a brew when the phone rang. It was a lady she asked me to confirm my identity, which I did. She then said;

'If you are sat in my office in Marbelle next Thursday at 10am you will have a job'. Then she hung up.

Two things I would like to share.

Never give up, if someone tells you no' ask why not!

Always be polite, if you have a point to make no matter how strong, be respectful to others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 


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