The Value of a Stay-At-Home Mother

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The value of a stay-at-home mother is priceless.

If only the people of the world knew just how much she brings to society by simply being available for her children and family.

undefinedAs a single mother of four, I understand the pressure of trying to provide the best possible care for my children. Meeting all the demands that come with being a parent is almost impossible, especially being solely responsible for all the finances.

It becomes a toggle war between work and home life; balancing the two is not easy at all. It takes lots of effort. There is often a huge sacrifice made in order to make the situation work. This sacrifice typically affects the children the most.

When mom spends most of her time at work, her duties at home are often neglected. Spending time with children, cooking, cleaning, helping with school work, doing laundry, and other essential elements of parenting become less and less of a priority. Receiving a paycheck becomes the most important factor of her life. Therefore she is willing to compromise the efficiency in her household obligations and her role as a mother. Feeding, clothing, and keeping a roof over her children’s head takes precedence over everything else.

It is obvious why going to work is her first priority. The basic needs of her children and herself must be met for the sake of simply surviving. The downside is she compromises so much of herself and motherhood when she trades so much of her time for money.

Good to know there is an alternative way to financially provide and stay home with her children at the same time. This will be touched on a little further. Right now lets discuss the value of a stay-at-home mother by learning the benefits of her staying at home instead of going to work everyday.

Mom is able to directly impact, influence, and shape her children's lives

Raising a child with good core values such as respect, integrity, consideration, and responsibility starts in the home first. When mom is with her children full time she is able to instill these core values in them.

Being in the presence of her children gives her the opportunity to observe and assess their behaviors, and attitudes. She is then able to work towards improving or correcting any behavioral patterns and/or attitude she does not find acceptable. This allows her to shape, mode, and grow them into the person they are to become. When she isn't with the child all day she has to hear about the child's misbehavior from a third party.

Sending children off to daycare institutions can create a huge disconnection between the mother and child. Usually children look to their mother for affection, approval, or encouragement. When she is not around they are left to get their needs met from someone else. The sad thing is in most daycare facilities the child to caregiver ratio is extremely high which makes it a little more difficult for the child to receive the attention he or she is seeking.

Mom always knows what to say to a child to motivate, encourage them, and make them feel significant.

Moms can provide the quality of education she deems acceptable

If you're anything like me than you really set a high standard when it comes to the level of education your children receive. Most child care or educational institutions do not come remotely close to providing our children with the level of education a mom would personally deem acceptable. This is because there are just way too many children for one facilitator to handle. He or she can not properly assess each child thoroughly enough to determine if he or she is comprehending what is being taught. The facilitator does not spend enough time with each child to evaluate how that child is applying the information learned. Application is a very important factor when it comes to education.

A stay-at-home mother, on the other hand, takes on a hands on approach when teaching her children. She is fully engaged in the entire learning process. She not only makes sure her children are up to speed with all he or she should know according to age range, but she even teaches them subjects that exceed their learning curve so they are more advanced. This is why most home schooled children are smarter than children that attend school or day cares, according to studies.

Mom can save money on child care expenses

Child care is extremely expensive. In many cases it would be more economical to stay home with the children. In the state of Arizona alone the average cost of infant care annually is approximately $8,300 which is only $900 less than the cost of a public university. This is just for one child. Now imagine the increase when a second or third child is added to the equation. If mom stayed home with her children she would be able to save a significant amount of money per year.

Since mom can save money on child care expenses she is now able to allocate those funds to other things such as activities with her children, purchase healthier food for the household, buy more quality clothes for everyone, and/or use the money to go on a vacation with the family.

Mom is less stressed

The relief that mom gets when she can focus solely on her family is immeasurable. Although being home with children all day can create a little frustration it still does not equate to the pressure of trying to balance a full time job and take care of her responsibilities at home. Children create enough stress already. There is a statement that goes, "Happy Mom, Happy Family". When mom is content, she can create the type of environment for her home that is relaxing, easy going, and inviting. Her lack of stress and peace of mind allows her to create a stable home as well.

Mom is more available

Have you ever found yourself in the company of your children, they're playing and joking around with you, but your mind is else where? Well this is the situation for a majority of working mothers. Personally, this is my norm. It is a struggle to focus on the silly stories my children share with me while thinking about all the tasks that need to be done. The moment we begin to play a game, thoughts of finishing the laundry steal my enjoyment away.

The value of a stay at home mother is not only found in her physical presence and availability but her mental as well. She is is able to give her undivided attention to her children and family when they need her.

Because mom is home through out the day she can get all her domestic responsibilities completed and still have the time and energy to devote quality time to her family. The typical 10 hours a working mother gives to her job, a stay-at-home mom can make use of at home.

Do you know the value of a stay-at-home mother?

What most people fail to realize is that she is absolutely great at what she does. Our children are directly impacted, influenced and shaped into the person they are to become. The morals and values she instills in them will make them a better asset to society later on in life. Not to mention the quality of education she provides them. Mom is not only involved in her children's education, she is actually responsible for teaching them and ensuring they are learning and comprehending the lessons she provides.

As stated above, mom is a happier person and less stressed. The money she saves from the lack of child care expensive are used for more important things like activities and vacations with her family. And there is nothing better than going on a vacation with a mom that's not stressed out or complaining about everything. Mom's presence and availability makes life at home more pleasant. Children feel more appreciated, dad feels more appreciated, and the family in general are just plain o happy become mom is fully present in their lives. Thus is the reason why society needs more women like her. 

Knowing the value of a stay-at-home mother is what inspired me to take the first step towards becoming exactly that.

I started a home based marketing business that is enabling me to put myself in the position to quit my job and become devoted to ensuring that I am available for my children 100% of the time. Being present to witness every moment of their tiny little lives is incredibly important to me. I don't want to miss one breath they take.

The journey has been both exciting and challenging. Yet with the help of my mentors my goal towards becoming a stay-at-home mother is becoming more and more real everyday. Not only am I able to generate a substantial income from my business, but I am also able to help other mothers just like you spend more time with their children by working from home.

Is this YOU?


Take Care!

Justice Earth xoxo

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