Time Lord

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Unless you are Doctor Who (or for those not familiar with this British TV icon) a time traveller of some other story – perhaps like me, you remember the Film of the HG Wells Book ‘The Time Machine’, where Rod Taylor’s HG Wells jumps back and forth through the centuries – then you will have to work within the parameters of our 24-hour day.

Of course, you can’t manage time. You can make use of it and you can manage your actions and plan for them. Don’t panic. There are some basic actions that I think will create the time you need and the way in which you use it.

Perhaps you are already an early riser. If you are, that’s a great start. If you are, you may have experienced the gradual waking of the world around you. The first car passing outside or the early morning Bin collection. They stand out before the steady increase in volume until it’s all hustle and bustle. The demands of the day call.

What you do and the actions you take when you first wake each single day will determine the achievement of your goals. If you can start with some real ‘me time’ in that window of relative peace before the vast bulk of the world wakes, then you would have made the best possible start. It's what Tony Robbins calls 'The Power Hour '

Whatever else gets thrown at you during the rest of the day, you can't have that time you have already made for yourself taken away.

Make it a habit and all of those hours are going to add up and positively change your life.

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