What is your vision and mission?

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I never thought it would be so much work, making a change in my life. 

Don´t get me wrong! I have done many changes in my life before. Like when I decided to leave my steady job at the age of 20 in order to travel around the world. I spend 1 year working in three jobs.

Between 3 A.M and 6 A.M I delivered newspaper and ran up and down stairs. At 7 A.M until 4 PM I had my dayjob as a receptionist and between 6 PM and 9 PM I would clean offices. I just did it!

Did not really plan.

I calculated how much money I would need for my trip and how long it would take me to earn the money. I moved temporary in with my dad and rented out my apartment 9 months before I left.

I will never forget my boss reaction when I came to ask for a leave of absence for 1 year. She stared at me like I was an alien. You are what???? Are you crazy!? I can´t keep your job that long. Are you aware of that very few people in your age have a permanent job? If you want to go travel, I will give you three months!

She made me feel like I had commited a crime. Like I was a little brat, asking for too much. There was NO way I could ever imagine staying at this job for the rest of my life. She had been with the company for 40 years and none of my co-workers had been there less than 10 years. I felt like I was suffocating, like I was kept prisoner and for a split second i could see myself be sitting in the reception in 10 years, bitter and blaming everybody else for my unhappiness.

Before I could stop myself I said to Yvonne, my boss "If you will not give me 1 year, i will resign."

My heart stopped beating. I can still, today, remember the feeling when the words jumped out of my mouth. I could feel the blood rush down to my feet and I almost panicked. The butterflies in my stomach made knots and the only thing I could think of was :"Stupid Britta, stupid Britta!" But, what is said, is said and there was no way in hell I would take back those words. Because I ment it!

So....i resigned and went on the trip of my life.

This was a big milestone in my life to leave all by my self for two years around the world. But I was 20 years old. I did not have a vision or a mission for this adventure. Already then I knew that I wanted to do something different with my life, but I did not have a plan.

I´ve been like that for the most part of my life. Made big changes, not really thinking them through. Some went really well....and others became a hard lesson to learn!

So I thought that I would do it different this time. This time I want to have a vision and a mission to lean on. 

The Mission is all about WHY I want to make a change.

The Vision is all about WHAT I want the future to look like.

My WHY, as I talked about in my last blog, is all about my family:

 I want to help my son with ADHD to get through High School, I want to be more available to my 9 year old son that has a loooot of energy!,I have a son that is going to College 4 hours away. I want to be able to travel to him and be available to him, not feeling bound by work. I want to pay off all our debts, want to buy a vacation house in Portugal where the family can escape and be together, I want to be time free and abundant
My pension is low and I want to retire comfortably, I want to spend more time with family and friends, I want to ad value to the world. I want to help people to find their passion in life and feel good about it. 

But HOW will my future look like?? What  is my VISIOM? I once wrote a manifestationletter to my self on how a perfect day would look like:

A perfect day in my life.

It is Monday evening and I just hit my bed after a wonderful day. I hope yours was as good as mine.

I woke up at 6 as usual. My TV alarm went off and I was laying in bed, listening to the news while I was trying to wake up. I heard the news in the background as I was thinking of my plans for the day. This morning, as every morning, it brought a smile to my face. Oh, how I love the feeling of owning my own time and schedule! Suddently I was all energetic just by the thoughts of the day. I jumped out of bed, out in the kitchen where I made a pot of coffee to Christer and a Caffe Latte to me. Accompanied by the morning TV on my Ipad, I made fresh fruit juice for Linus and me to drink when he woke up. Tintin is all around me, jumping for attention and hoping to get some cheese. Together we went upstairs to wake up Melvin and getting him ready for school. The morning is calm and peaceful, Christer left at 7 to go to work and everything just went smoothly. At 7.30 me and Melvin went to School together and after dropping him of at the schoolyard, me and Tintin goes for a loooooong walk as we do every morning. I love our walks, I see the open landscape, feel the wind in my face and feel greatful for the life that I live. Back at the house around 9.30, I took another coffe and watched the last half hour of the morning TV before I got ready for work. Well…work….I would rather call it my hobbie because it does not feel like work. I go to my office and go through Facebook and my investment pages: Nano and PowerOn . Answer a few questions, look at my backoffice to see if there are any news, check my balances and then go on to read all my mails and answer the ones I feel are important. Then I spend about 2 hours on SFM, writing a blog, post something to my subsribers, look at new products and plan for some campaigns. At the SFM they also have really good pods, blogs, and work shops to attend and I plan for the day or week how to schedule them in to my life. I am also a volenteer at a dogshelter and do free consulting on the web as a coach. Today I coacher a teenager who had a really though time in school. After that I took Tintin out for a short walk and then left the house to go and have lunch with a friend of mine. After a wonderful afternoon, I got home around 4.30 and went straight out with the dog for a good, long walk and when I came home, Christer had started the dinner. We ate, as usual, very late so I actually got the time to hit the gym. Yeaaaa= We did not eat until 8 pm but that is fine. It gave me time to shower after the gym. We always have long dinners, we talk a lot and this evening was no exception. It is beautiful to sit around the table and talk about the day with the boys and as usual, me and Linus was the last people to leave the table…an hour later. By 9.30 me and Christer sat and had a cop of tea together, talking about the day and we had experienced. Talked a little about tomorrow's plans, but not so much. When we went to bed, at 10.30, I was really tired but very happy a bout the day. This was a perfect day and I loved every second of it!!!!!!!!

How does your perfect day look like? What is your vision for the future?

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