What Makes a Successful Marathon Runner and a Great Entrepreneur

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A great entrepreneur trains for marathons without knowing it

You can find a lot about how to become a successful entrepreneur. However, without being a sporty person, you are applying a marathon training to reach your success.

If you belong to the big group of baby boomers as I do, working hard to be a successful entrepreneur, probably you’re familiar to how we were educated. Go to school, get a title, search for a job and start climbing the career ladder. Building up your resume was, and still is, the way of carving out your life to the best.

To understand how crazy this is, I love this quote by Warren Buffet:

“Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age.”

The sad reality is that 85% of all working people don’t enjoy what they are doing. When asking people why they are doing the work they are doing, most of the answers refer to external circumstances, like:

“Somebody told me, this would be a good career for me.”

“Once you reach a certain level, the salary is high.”

The list can be long, and you start a life race that isn’t yours.

All leading entrepreneurs, they all have one thing in common: they do their race. Therefore, a lot of people, mostly the 85% group mentioned earlier, try to turn them down because they are different. They take paths no-one had done before, and if you are different, you’re viewed like kind of “weird.”

The Key for a Runner and a Great Entrepreneur


To be a great entrepreneur is something everyone can do. In the same way, everyone can run a marathon. The only key to make it happen is a true passion. The passion for what you are doing is the driver for every single part of your journey.

Goal setting

The goal setting is the frame for the whole project. Without a clear goal, for sure you will be lost earlier than what you can imagine.

Tomorrow I will run the biggest half marathon race in the world. It’s Göteborgsvarvet in Gothenburg, Sweden with more than 60,000 enthusiastic runners. This will be a sort of final rehearsal before the Stockholm Marathon on the 1st of June.

Training Programs and Planning

Why I’m telling you this? Because these races were not any random spontaneous registration a few weeks ago. They were planned months ago.

One of the things a marathon runner and a great entrepreneur have in common is planning. The planning is made at least six months ahead, and sometimes for more extended periods.

The programs, the training program, and the business plan are made in detail. They also allow corrections along the way, as long there is no significant deviation from the course towards the final goal.

Disciplined Execution

When your goal and your plan are in place, you will start a disciplined execution. Both a great entrepreneur and a marathon runner are sometimes seen as stubborn people. Nothing can stop you!

Most people starting their own business, online or offline, they fail and leave the project. The same goes for runners. To adopt a habit with a lot of perseverance, close to stubbornness, is one of the most essential success factors.

Steve Jobs once said:

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

The Final Tool for All Runners and to be a Great Entrepreneur

To make it all happen, is it enough to have a goal, a plan and a disciplined execution of the plan or the program? Well, there is something you need, at least to be able to optimize your efforts.

You Need a Tool!

Running marathons and other distances is a cheap sport. You don’t need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment. However, the one and only non-negotiable tool for a runner is a pair of right shoes.


Every runner is different. We all have different feet and different configurations of our bodies. To acquire the right shoes for you is critical here. With an investment of something of $100 to $200, you will get the shoes you need. Compare to golf, cycling, sailing, and many other sports, two hundred dollars is really cheap to give yourself the best conditions for your passion as a runner.

Becoming a great entrepreneur can be achieved in many different ways. With the digitalization of our world, an online business is without any comparison the easiest and less expensive way of letting your strive come true to be an independent business owner. However, there are myriads of obstacles out there that can ruin your dreams even before starting.

You Need a System!

Never try to create your business platform or system by yourself. Instead, use the already existing systems to build your business.


The same as the shoes for a runner, we are all different and with different preferences. That’s the reason you should choose wisely. Connect to a system that gives maximum flexibility to grow your business the way you prefer.

Before finding the right shoes for my running, I tested at least 10 different models. When searching for the right system for my online business, I also tried a couple of different options before connecting to the best (in my opinion) system in the entire digital world.

It’s a platform that allows you to grow in your pace, and in the direction you want. The startup cost of $29.95 seems ridiculous, comparing to any other business model in the market. To start up a franchise business, you need funds to finance the entrance fee only. Add on all the other investments before you even can open the doors and see the first customer.

If you can relate to my story, and you’re passionate enough, click the banner below and start your journey today. This is a highly recommended system if you want to be a great entrepreneur.

The shoes for your running style, you need to test out yourself.



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