Ready to start a business or work from home? Consider this: What matters to you? I mean really matters. Just to you.

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The answer to this question might be so simple and could be so detailed. It might be a vision, an idea, or perhaps a creation.  It could be selfish or world changing.  It could be significant only to you, or to your family, or perhaps to millions of people.

So what does matter to you?  I mean really matter.  I believe the answer to that question is the foundation for creating the life you were meant to live and finding meaningful and long-lasting happiness.

How do we determine what really matters in our lives?  In my last blog post I wrote, " I have spent so much of my life trying to be something I am not to try to fit in or get along or be part of the team or the crowd or the life or the situation.  I will talk about that in my next blog post, but trust me when I say it is such a waste of life and purpose and time and fulfillment and happiness."

This is what I want to talk about today.  I was a person that never really fit in because I truly did not want to follow the crowd and was always fighting it at the result of never really fitting in nor finding true happiness.  Please understand I am not talking about being respectful, polite, grateful, or kind. Those things are the right thing to do, regardless.  I'm talking about being country when country wasn't cool, as Barbara Mandrell said in her song.   I'm talking about doing something that seems impossible or beyond your grasp or does not go along with the norm or the popular whatever of the month, but, instead, makes you feel alive.  Most of my life I have felt this battle between either trying to fit in or being true to myself and happy.  Are you fighting that battle?  

I have come to believe that many of us fight this battle, and, seemingly, much more so today, which leads to addiction, depression, and poor health among many other things.  So what do we do when we are in the middle of this battle of trying to be true to ourselves and fitting in with those around us so we can live happily and socialize and be part of a team and want to be where everyone knows our name? We find out what we care about and we get involved with that team, that group, those people, and we learn to find happiness in that space.  For me, it is this group.  Click here to meet them.

So how do we find out what matters to us, really matters, since this is the next step in the path that will lead us to the thing that will lift our spirits and create a sense of belonging that is positive and provides purpose and fulfillment and happiness?   And what does being true to ourselves really mean?

Here are a few ideas that are helping me and my hope is that they will help you also:

  • This may sound strange to some of you, but one of the first things I would recommend is meditation. Meditation teaches you to calm down and focus.  To be present at the moment, so your head is not in zillions of places at once but where it needs to be at the time it needs to there. I didn't realize all the benefits of meditation until I tried it.  It helps you really think about what you need to think about on a deeper, more impassioned level.  This might be necessary to get to the "what really matters" stage.
  • The law of attraction says that what you are thinking will be attracted to you.  So are you thinking positive or negative thoughts? Each night try writing about the situations in your day that were negative that you would like to change, and then practice a paragraph that describes that changed situation.  I think you will find that your mind begins to think about how bad situations could be made better, and you will find yourself thinking about positive and not negative more often.  In doing this task, I believe you will learn to think and write about what matters to you. You will feel the difference in the situations as you change them from positive to negative. You will begin to understand how to determine what is important to you, what matters, and how to determine that by your emotions and what you think about changing that happened within your day. Think of it like this.  Have you ever purchased a car and suddenly you see that make and model everywhere?  Before purchasing that car, you never really noticed it, but suddenly you can see it from afar no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Your experience of owning and driving that car has sort of brought your mind to that car, so now you see it where you would not have seen it before.  As your mind's thoughts change, so too will your life experiences and what you see and respond to and feel and notice and think about.
  • As I mentioned in my last blog post, every single day note what you are grateful for that morning and, again, what you are grateful for that evening.  You will begin to realize that those things you are grateful for are part of what is important and true for you.  So to be true to yourself, you have to learn to live the things that are important to you, that you value, so you live your life and your truth and not someone else's truth and someone else's life.
  • As you do the above, start another page with a heading "THIS MATTERS TO ME" and note the things that you find yourself really feeling.  You will then be on your way to a list of things that matter, really matter on a very personal level.

This is what I know for sure.  Each one of us, no matter what our education, our background, our failures or successes, our experiences or mistakes has something someone else needs to learn, know, understand, have, do or experience.

What is yours and how can you share it for the common good?  Know and believe there is something or many somethings.  Let's take that step toward discovery.  It's time.  The world needs you.

Mine is depicted above.  Homelessness and the mental illness and addictions that surround it.  I don't know how I am going to make a difference, but I am on the journey to find out.  If you want to begin a journey of your own, click here.  These are people that can help get you there. 


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