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Sometimes you feel like giving up.  Everything else is so complicated and you are not sure what else to do.  Wait!  There are things to give up and things you should never give up.

For those of us trying to create a business or reinvent ourselves, there is often such a learning curve.  You get discouraged, hit roadblocks, and you might think about giving up but don't.

I was in that place, "That's it, I cannot do this.  I am done.  I have failed!", I said to myself.  You might be saying to yourself as I did that you can't:

  • ...understand how to take this information and prioritize it.
  • ...figure out this technology.
  • this by yourself.  You need to talk through this stuff and get advice from someone.
  • ...determine what to do next.
  • ...make any money.
  • ...understand what you are doing.
  • ...make time for all that needs to be done and learned.
  • ...etc., etc., etc.

But please do not do what I did.  I quit.  I stopped doing everything related to digital marketing, even though in my heart of hearts it was the last thing I wanted to do.  I knew I could do this!  I was beginning to really feel happy and enjoy marketing and blogging and all that I was learning.  When I stopped, I really missed it and regretted quitting. Then depression set in.  I am not a quitter and do not want to live a life full of regrets.  I've never been a quitter, but the wind was taken out of my sail. I didn't know why and didn't know how to get it back, so I had to step away.  But just for awhile.

I have spent weeks wondering and researching what I did wrong.  What should I have done differently? And should I really try again?  I realized, of course, I should and must try again and so should you.

So instead of quitting, you might consider stopping certain actions, behaviors, and change your thought process and mindfulness:

  • Determine the one thing you want to do and become good at it.  Let everything else go, at least for now. Trying to learn and do too many things at once can be to your detriment. It was to mine. Information overload will set in, and then you may forget the reason you began this journey in the first place, not to mention not be able to keep up with or make sense of all the information coming from so many different directions. Focus on one thing, then the next, then the next until you are good at that one thing, then learn something new.
  • Make a daily goal to move forward--either a leap or a small step but do something everyday to move forward.  Write down what you want to acommplish the night before, then what you did accomplish.  Rinse, repeat, every single day.  If you don't have a lot of time today, fine.  If you are not sure what to do, fine. If you can't sit any longer and type, fine.  If you do not have a video or picture or word, fine but do something.  One thing everyday and make that one thing count and have value.  One step, one action, one thing, always, everyday.  Include that one thing in your day and schedule it everyday, like brushing your teeth and going to work and going to bed. Make it your must do,not a to do list item you can stratch off and add to the next day or week, but a must do everyday.  
  • Do your best and let it go. Perfection is for robots not people. You will learn and then get better. Give yourself persmission to be an imperfect being.
  • Think big but take small steps to get there. Take the big and break it down into small, manageable steps or little micro steps. Achieving these smalls steps is motivating and builds self-confidence. You need this to keep going when it gets tough.  You don't want your goal to be minimal because you will then limit yourself, but you want to take the big objective and determine what you believe to be the next small step and give it a deadline. Then, again, take the next small step and give it a due date or time limit.  If something happens that you are unable to complete a task, put it back on your schedule until your big objective is within your grasp and you can feel it and taste it and then touch it!
  • Be vulnerable. Figure out what you are about and don't get caught up in judgments and insecurities or looking foolish.  What is your message? What are you passionate about? What is your purpose? Determine that and believe it, live it, speak it, without fear and worrying about approval from others.  Figure out who you are and then be proud of that, own it, and be true to yourself.  This is one of the biggest lessons from my mentors.  I have spent so much of my life trying to be something I am really not in order to try to fit in or get along or be part of the team or the crowd or the life or the situation.  I will talk about that in my next blog, but trust me when I say it is such a waste of life and purpose and time and fulfillment and happiness.
  • Get help if you need it, even pay for it if you do not have that skill, but learn to be self-reliant and resourceful.
  • Under commit and over deliver not vice versa. 
  • Start a gratitude journal.  This can be something as simple as a page in your notebook or a daily calendar that says, "am, coffee; pm, a comfortable bed."  You might want to start simple and expand later to a paragraph or a page but don't forget each day in the morning and the evening. My mentor suggested I do this, and you might find it amazing, as I did, how just being mindful of the simple, or not so simple, people, experiences, or things in your life will lighten your mood and your day.  It forces you to take a moment to think about the good in a world that sometimes feels bad and ugly.  I realized I put my husband on my grattitude list almost every other day and then also realized I needed to tell him and not take him for granted.  
  • See the first bullet point.  Do something microscopic or colossal, but do something of value every single day without fail that moves you forward to your goals.
When I began this journey and as I write this--from my first post onward--my purpose, my reason, my objective was, has been, and still is to reach out to say "Don't give up!  I know you are down and I know things are hard, and I know you feel like giving up.  But don't give up!"  There is room for all of us with all of our differences and weaknesses and strengths and exceptional qualities that are unique and worthy.  
Let's together figure this out.  I want to share in your accomplishments, and I want to give you courage to not give up.  Celebrate the small achievements as these will give you the confidence to keep going to the victory of achieving your dreams.  You can do this!  One step, one action at a time.  

Yes, of course, you've got this!



P.S. Remember, the moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.  Don't give up!  One more step...then, again, one more step!  If you need help or motivation, click here.  It is free to click and listen!

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