Why Africans Must Join The Digital Revolution

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 Now, what if I tell you I can introduce you to a genuine online business you can start today? A business where you would be taught everything from scratch? With a great support system and your personal Consultant assigned to you? A business with a community from all over the World earning a great income in US dollars working from home? A business you can do irrespective of your age, location, technical knowledge, experience or job description? All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

Never in the History of Mankind has so many opportunities arisen for ordinary people, the world over, to determine their income. The Internet has provided a ''Gate-Way'' for unlimited avenues to create wealth and a constant influx of new online business start-ups. Welcome to the Digital Revolution.

  First, we had the Industrial Revolution which began in Great Britain in the 19th Century and spread to other parts of the World. This Revolution changed the World dramatically and created enormous wealth for those who positioned themselves at the helm of affairs. 

  However, tremendous hardship was felt by a majority of the population at the time, as Industrialisation and Mechanisation replaced hand labour jobs. The winners were the Industrialists who took advantage of the emerging trends and change in creating solutions, products, farming, and general services.On the other hand, the losers were the rest of the population who did not jump into the ''Band Wagon of Opportunity.''

 It's not surprising that there were more Millionaires being created in the early 1900s and during the Great Depression (1929 - 1939), than in any other time in History. As the World economy transitioned from Hand Labour to Industrialisation and Mechanisation, so did a great transfer of wealth. Africa unfortunately never joined the rest of the world and partake in this phenomenal change. The effect of which is still felt to this day.

 Fast forward to 2017. History, they say'' always repeats itself.'' We are in the middle of the Digital Revolution. Fact! The World is changing at an alarming pace. Digital advancement in the past four years (2013 - 2017) is way more than that witnessed within the last three decades (1980 - 2010) combined.

 Almost everything now can be done with the touch of a button from a smartphone or laptop. From online shopping to booking a taxi, Bank transactions, Hotel reservations, grocery shopping and food deliveries etc. In the process, there is an ongoing massive transfer of wealth to those at the centre of this ''Digital Awakening.''

 The big question is - are Africans taking advantage of this digital opportunities? Banks, Multinational Companies and some other businesses in leading African economies i.e Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya are fast catching up with the rest of the World. Also, there are scattered online digital start-ups springing up within these economies. But unfortunately, when compared with the size of their population and Western Neighbours, one has to conclude that the people have to do so much more to partake in this great opportunity.

  Nigeria, for example, is rated the eighth highest number of Internet Users in the World. Source - www.internetworldstats.com/top20.htm. This places it higher than the United Kingdom, and some other European countries such as Germany and Italy. So why are the people not taking advantage of this new ''Gold Mine?'' In my opinion, I would attribute this to two factors.

Firstly, the cultural orientation of the people. Most homes in the nation still hold the old tradition of going to school, get a University degree and (or Masters degree) get a good paying job.

Secondly, fear of the unknown. A huge amount of the population ( mostly in their 50s and above) perceive Entrepreneurs earning a huge income from online businesses as scammers. And most would not invest their income in business opportunities online.

 The bad news is that corporate jobs are fast disappearing due to Banks going digital, alternative sources of energy for Oil being rapidly developed, corporations streamlining their operations by adopting digital technology etc. So many jobs would be non-existent as soon as the end of the next decade. It's time to ''Wake Up.''

 If you try nothing you get nothing. Fortune favours the brave. This is not for everyone but for those who would like to tap into this business and earn money that will astound your peers. The time for working for money is over. This is the time to let money work for you. Hard work is good but smart work is better. Why work so hard for the money you can barely enjoy because you spend all your time doing it? Does working less and earning more sound better? You Decide! 

 I would like to introduce you to Stuart Ross and Jay Kubessak (Online Entrepreneur Mentors) who changed my life. I know they will change yours too. Take action and click on the link at the bottom of this blog.

 ''Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrows reality.'' - Malala Yousafzai.

See you on the other side.

Atama Oteze.


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