Why I travelled all the way to the Gold Coast -Australia- for only 1 day…

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Errrmm… because you are crazy??? Yep… I have heard that a few too many times lately… But let me explain the real reason…

3 months ago I have decided to sign up to an online education company called Six Figure Mentors (Sfm) as I wanted to change my life and improve my financial situation. I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, one is 18 months and the other one is nearly 6 years old. I love them and my husband more than life itself but I realised I need to feel fulfilled as a person.

Joining the Sfm made me realise that we all have something of value to offer to the world, building my website and starting to understand about online marketing made me understand that I have so much potential and I would be doing a disservice to myself and to other people if I was not to live my life to the full.

Around 1 month ago I heard in the community of a great gathering called Momentum Day that was going to happen in the Gold Coast, Australia. I immediately felt drawn to it but how on earth could I afford to go to Australia???? I have always wanted to go there but never been able to do it…

I have started to change the way I think about life, started practicing the Law of Attraction , started thinking I can manifest the things I want in my life by thinking about them and feeling as if I already have them.

I have started thinking I wanted to manifest some extra funds to allow me to go to Australia and attend Momentum Day, I have thought about it every day for 2 weeks (at least) and then…the magic happened… I actually received some money out of the blue… I was astonished…

I immediately booked my flights (I already booked a hotel room even before getting the money… it was a refundable one, but I think it really gave me a push to want it even more…!)

Eventually, the day came when I left for Australia… I was starting to get a bit worried about the long journey, being on a plane for many many hours (the longest flight I have ever done was 4 hours…) and being away from my family…

I decided not to get overwhelmed and that I would only think about “the next step”, like getting on the first plane, then once I was there I would think of when we would get some dinner and so forth (airplane food was amaaaaazing!!! I really enjoyed it!!! And I didn’t have to cook for once!!!; ) ). I think this really helped…

Once I eventually arrived to the Gold Coast I was so impressed with myself! I knew I would make it! And I was finally living the image I created in my life, of me walking into my hotel!!!

After a shower and some lovely lunch (or dinner… depending what time zone you refer to…) I decided to have a look around Surfers Paradise and the hotel where Momentum Day was going to take place the day after.

I walked into the hotel… a bit unsure… not sure where the reception was but the bar was there…so I thought “I’ll go there and ask for info…” and there he was… Mr. Jay Kubassek, only the Co-founder of Sfm!!!!

I could not believe my eyes!!!

I hardly slept for 24 hours, a bit jetlagged, not really feeling worthy of speaking to him…but I thought: “This is why I travelled to the other side of the world!!! To meet him and the other Sfm leaders, learn from them and show my appreciation! Go and talk to him!!”

And so I did… I sheepishly approached him and introduced myself… He was very kind and seemed very impressed with my dedication and the courage to travel such a long way for such a short period of time…

I told Jay how much being there for Momentum Day meant to me and how glad I was that I did it! I explained that although I joined Sfm not that long ago, I really felt I resonate with their message of “Living your best life”! At the end of the day, it’s our life, we make the decisions that shape it! There is no good or bad fortune in life, it’s all about what you do with what you have been given! Even something terrible could turn out to be a blessing in disguise or something that will change you and make you a better person in the future!

After my little chat with Jay (as you do…) I decided to explore a bit more my surrounding, I had to see the Ocean!!! I walked there (oh, by the way, I forgot to say that I can’t read maps… so everywhere I go is “mapless”, I get lost most of the time…but I always get there in the end…).

Taking my shoes off and walking on the soft white sand felt like such a blessing… I was trying to take in as much as possible, the sand, the waves, the people, the surfers, the wind, the skyscrapers, the excitement… I wanted to take in EVERYTHING!!!! I walked in the water and it was so gorgeous and warm the perfect temperature!!!! (I hate cold water and normally the sea is cold… so it was a nice surprise!!!) I felt so so so happy!!! I followed my instinct and I got there!

The day after (after a nice long deeeep sleep) it was Momentum Day. I could not believe it!! I was so excited!!! When I got there for registration, so many fellow Sfm-ers were there already and everyone was smiling and happy to start a conversation! I felt at home, so relaxed and so excited at the same time!

The whole day was a massive high of emotions, from everyone… I cried at a certain point… just too much emotion, positive emotions…! Everyone was being honest and vulnerable as we all knew we were in a safe environment to express our feelings… It was so liberating…

I plucked the courage to speak to Stuart Ross, the other Co-founder of Sfm and I explained to him my vision and the message I want to bring to the world, about empowering mums (like me) to live their best lives and not let motherhood define and limit them! He was very supportive and reinforced my feelings of “having made the right choice…”

The whole day came and went in what seemed to be a flash, a beautiful flash of emotions and joy. The conversations I had with everyone there (not just the leaders) have been eye-opening and made me believe that we can all follow our paths if we just believe in ourselves a bit more and do not let society shape our future…

So, if you resonate with any of the above and would like to know more, please get in touch with me directly or just click the pink button here below. I can’t wait for you to start living your best life…. Where will it take you?

Lots of love



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