Work on Holidays or have the Holiday as Work?

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Vacation from Online Business? 

This weekend I was on Holiday. I still work full time as in the Swedish Police Force as a Criminal Investigator. And on the side, I grow my Online Business.

I and some friends had a Holiday for some days and took a trip to Great Britain Thursday to Monday. We are all interested in Horses and went to watch a Horse Trial, but also to just have Time Off. 

I packed my computer of course and thought that I should work a little. Now I really worked with my Online Business very little, but there were some "Moments" during the trip. Moments that are related to the work and to my new life. 

The best with travels and visit new places

are to walk around and watch differences in how to build houses, to think about why different cultures think different, to see new places, to taste new food, smell new smells and just discover. And so we did this time, as usual. It was really long walks, all day, and you can find big streets like avenues and small alleys. Big fancy impressive houses and small cottages. 

So when we were walking in the city I really felt, that this was one of my Keys of Why! Why do I want to work less and have more freedom? Because I love this way of living. I felt it so clearly. One of my WHY´s. To have the Time but also the Money to travel like this. So that was one of my Moments, that I saw this Why so clearly. 

When I quit my job, not If I quit!

I also found that my thoughts were very clear. In my mind when I thought on my life and my business, my sentence was "When" and not IF. I was determined from the beginning of starting my business, but now I also really found my self very clearly and automatically think the right way. I was very happy about that because that shows that the Mindset is on the right way and that things will go well for me because my unconscious will help me. The unconscious will help me see the opportunities and help me take them, not only see them pass. Also, this Moment made me feel good. I am really on the right way to be an Online Entrepreneur! 

The right decision is made

I felt so clear that I have made my best, a very right and also the most important decision in my life. The train leaves and I don´t stand on the station and think if I should have gone with it, I am on the train. 

So will I have a vacation from my Online Business? 

Will I work on my Holidays or will I form my Life, so I have my Holiday as my Work? 

Of course, I will form my life, that I can take this small Holidays see all the things, smell and taste all the things and I will also work during the time. Take pictures and write about my Online Business for example. I will form my life to be a whole Holiday of my life. Even if I am home or traveling. I want to live the good life and do the exciting stuff that is out there waiting for me. So I guess the answer to my question is that I will work on my Holiday because that will be my work, to Have Holiday all time. 

The perfect life is that possible? 

Well, I must say that I think so and it is achievable. But you have to work on your business, and you have to be determined. I was happy with my thoughts and moments, but there is a long journey, so the work must go on. But the universe will help me and the unconscious me will also help me! The Unconscious is learning and now it knows My Goal and will help me on the way. 

Everybody has their own Perfect Life. We shall not compare ourselves, we must aim for our own goal and live our own Dream Lifes. Otherwise, it will surely NOT be a Perfect Life. To live another person's life, will NEVER be perfect. This you must remember. 

So what is Your Perfect Life, and what can YOU do to achieve it? 

Bye from Anette from Sweden

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