Work Productivity Hacks

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When you are in business you sometimes revert into claiming the same routine and while some routines are healthy and important sometimes it is important to have a look at where you are at and look at what you can do to increase your value to the business. This is known as productivity!


Productivity can flow to supply arrangements, financing arrangements etc and these are easy to gauge! Your own personal productivity as the boss needs to be looked at from time to time!

Consider noting in a journal what happens in for a whole week. Look at the times each thing happens and the amount of time it took. Record your feelings! What did each task feel like? What could you do to make yourself more efficient. What was the feedback like from the customers?

How can you arrange your day and week to get it more optimal? Remember also that the customer has needs are those being served as well! First and foremost you are working from home is your family and its needs being catered for in the mix?

Once you have reviewed this consider the environment that you are working in, the systems and methods of operation! How can these be changed to increase your productivity!

Business is all about resources which are limited… utilize them to your best advantage!

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