Your Blue Print to Excellence

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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

~Ralph W. Emerson~


You had it all planned out, in 2016. You were going to transform yourself and transform the world. But that did not happen. The good news is yesterday is gone, now you have a new year to make it happen. But this time instead of winging it. Why not use a blueprint, and scale your progress.

Below is a list of essentials to being a person of excellence. Guidelines that will help transform you, your business, and your life in general.


Chaos can quickly be created by eliminating rules and regulation. For example, remove rules from the office, delete rules from the classroom, remove traffic signals, and remove laws from our books. You get the picture. But some individuals removed or are ignoring fundamental principles for standing out? This is one of the reasons some people are not productive and just want to quit.

It is ok to give yourself rules so you will know exactly what you need to do each day.

Feel free to make up your own rules, ensure that they are measurable and realistic. Most of the greatest influencers of our time have rules. They understand the value of personal accountability. And they have developed the discipline to follow through John Maxwell a worldwide guru in leadership has a “Rule of Five” which I would highly recommend you to check out. Zig Ziglar has 7 rules of Exemplary Leadership, Tony Robbins has 6 Leadership rules, and there are many others. For these gurus to be speaking about rules, then they must be important. Even God has rules.



Once you have identified these guidelines, the next step is to Practice them. I love playing the guitar, but I do find that it is not like riding a bike. When I pick up the guitar to play a song that I have not played for some time, I often find that I cannot remember it. Practicing our rules is the same thing. How often should you be practicing your rules? Daily, every single day. 

The result is not only will you know your what guides you. It will become part of you. Not only will it become part of you, but it will transform you. And that is the aim. The truth is it is not in our nature to follow Rules. For example, Facts Sheets on American Traffic Signals reveals between 2007-2011 about 751 people died because of running the red light. The number dropped by 22% when cameras were added. People started observing traffic signals when they realized that they were being watched. Now, how crazy is that?

By disciplining ourselves to the daily implementation of these rules; whether we are eating, walking, working, or playing, we create a habit of distinction.


 I would like to leave with you Tony Robins rules to live by.


1.     Raise You Standard

2.     Seek True Fulfillment

3.     Progress Leads to Happiness

4.     Change your Mindset

5.     Details Matter

6.     Be Resourceful

7.     Prepare An Exit Strategy

8.     Look for Leverage

9.     Add Value

10.   Love


 P.S Please Share with me your rules that govern your life. I do look forward to reading all of them.




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