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At some point of our lives we reach a point where we have either hit our all ‘time low’ and make the conscious choice of ‘enough is enough’, accepting that from that moment on, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your ‘all time high’. The only problem is that this realisation usually takes too long, and as we have discussed before due to the inevitable dynamic of life, time keeps moving forwards waiting for no man or woman. Therefore, I propose to you the following, it’s time to reach greatness right now…

Even though when everything is lost an individual finally comes into harmony with his mental, spiritual, and physical self. The pain that comes with loss, which is involved to get to this level of personal connection, can be avoided, and yet still achieve the same personal connection with your true priorities and goals. The irony is that we all know this. Everyone always wonders what it would be like if they could start all over again, would they finally focus on their true passion and pursue their true goal? Who knows, but what I do know is that there is still time. It will require a lot of focus and hunger for success, but the possibilities are endless. Personally, I believe that taking action is crucial, this means training if you are athlete, or studying and doing income producing activities if you are an online marketer, or practicing certain shots if you are a tennis player, whatever it is that you do, will require you to take action in order to see progress. But I am an even stronger believer that personal development should go hand by hand with action taking, you must in fact first prepare yourself mentally for your goal, second you must be willing to build a stronger character and third you must learn to align yourself with your path. None of this are easy goals, meaning that they take time and effort, therefore they cannot be overlooked.

I love looking at the motivational speakers that have dominated the industry because they all had to discover all this the hard way, we are now lucky enough to learn from them. But the greatest speakers of all time, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyers all first developed and worked on themselves personally before claiming their due greatness. They all started with ‘Believing until they became certain that they were born to achieve greatness’. Certainty is one of the secrets to success and you will not achieve any major success until you become certain that you will achieve that goal that you have; no matter how lost you feel in this instant, no matter how tough the journey may seem, no matter what you will always be certain that if you keep working and moving forwards you will achieve your goal. Eric Thomas describes it a little different in his greatest speech of all time, he says that ‘When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful’, the problem with most people is that they can’t get to this level because they don’t even believe they can achieve their dreams.

The last concept I want to speak about is due to an email I received today (which if you want to share your thoughts about anything you read, e-mail me at about this inexplicable phenomenon called ‘luck’ which we discussed in my last piece of writing. The email spoke about this people that ‘get lucky’ or get a ‘lucky break’ (I hate this concept by the way!) and just become rich and that luck always plays a role when big things are achieved. Here’s my answer… I understand that sometimes specially in the world I am part of, Tennis, luck can play its role either helping you or going against you, so let me answer you in a tennis scenario, but let’s get something clear first, this phenomenon so called luck that we humans have no control of, is not the only factor we do not possess any sort of control over. Let me name you a couple, wind, sun, visibility, the player on the other side of the net, the line calls, me as a player I have no control over any of this, but if all this factors go my way is it luck!? Hell no! Is a result of many factors working together to my advantage, like my game plane, the quality of my shots, my work ethic, my fitness, all the factors that I can control which simply on aggregate to this other uncontrollable factors can facilitate my success on a tennis court but do they dictate my success, no. Same with ‘luck’ make yourself lucky by controlling everything you can and placing the odds to your favour but don’t become a victim of hit, let luck be a consequence of your actions.

Remember that the universe does not owe you anything but this forces can be used to work in your favour helping you achieve your goals and dreams. So become certain that you are made for greatness.

Stay on your path.

Efrain Herrera.

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