Skills to Have When the Recession is Coming 

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No one asks "if", but rather when the recession is coming

The recession is coming, which most people are aware of. But different from the downturn we had in the economy in 2008. It was when the real estate market collapsed overnight, and the economy fell in pieces like rolling domino game tiles. This time it is a more "normal" entrance we will face when the recession is coming.

We are right now living in challenging times. Inflation goes sky-high, and interest rates follow to curb inflation as much as the central banks have the power to do.

Organizations with influence and reputation, like IMF, are giving heads up. There is no doubt the recession is coming, and the only question mark to bend out is when exactly it will happen.

Suppose you live in a place with a high risk for earthquakes, weather-related disasters, or other vulnerabilities. In that case, it's quite common to prepare a sort of box or basket with the most critical tools, food, and water, to survive if everything suddenly is cut off.

You always have this box ready because you never know when the disaster will appear. It's like fire extinguishers, always prepared and ready to use. You will never know when to use it, hopefully never, but if needed, it should be there.

If you know that the fire should come, I promise you that you should make sure you can handle the extinguisher correctly. It's pure self-preservation not to become a victim of the fire...Continue reading!>>

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