Both Men and Women Whinge.

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Look up whinging in Google and most of the articles are about women. Really? I know plenty of guys that could outdo any woman in the whinging department. Let's face it, everybody has a whinge every now and then. Young, old, middle-aged. It's something we humans do. Women whinge about their partners not doing their share and men whinge about their women whinging. Andyou guessed it; I am a woman.

This is why women whinge

Years ago, back in my mother's era (I'm 67) most women didn't go out to work. It was the man's job to provide and the women stayed home to raise the children, look after the household and be expected to have the house spotless, dinner on the table as well as look beautiful. The women didn't moan about it so openly then because that was just the way it was.

Then equality.

Then life became so expensive that women had to start going back to work after they had children. Now, this is when equality was supposed to come in. At least that's what women thought, but it hasn't turned out that way. On the whole, women are working in a job the same hours as the men so you would think that the work around the house would get done equally.

Not really. You will find that most women, like me end up having to work twice as hard. In the morning to get everyone off to work and school, then as soon as they got home in the evening they  have to start all over again. Getting dinner ready, sort the kids out, dishes, washing, housework etc. while the man of the house comes home, sits on his butt and whinges about how hard he had to work and how tired he is as well as expect a cup of tea.  

And women don't get tired?

I remember coming home one day after a 12 hour day as the Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department. It was 7 pm and as I walked in the door and said hello to everyone, both teenage daughters and hubby said:                                                                        " Hi Mum, what's for dinner?"   while sitting on their butt watching TV.  Now, do you think I might have been a little angry? You betcha! I probably whinged about that for a long time

What made me think about telling this story is when I had to mow the lawns the other day with a motor mower. It is very hot here at the moment and the humidity is very high, even at 8 pm. (That is enough to make me whinge) so I leave doing the lawns as late as possible. Because I am retired it is expected that I do the chores around the house but I can accept that because hubby still works.

Not that long ago we had extra people living with us and I would often be mowing the lawns while a perfectly healthy 40 year old would sit inside watching TV. It would make me so angry that the grass was cut in no time.

This is our front lawn, the back one is half the size and then there is the road front. It takes 4 hours to do them all. No we don't have a ride-on mower. I keep telling myself that the exercise is good for me. Keeps me active.


Who's fault is it that women whinge so much?

Probably our own. From day one of a partnership or marriage, we tend to want to keep our men folk happy so we say: "It's okay, I'll do it." It's the same with children. It takes them so long to get something done that we end up doing it ourselves, just to keep the peace.

I was first made aware of the fact that men really do think differently to women when my hubby and I had a bit of a "discussion" about helping with the dishes. He said; "If you don't tell me what you want then how am I supposed to know what you want.?" From that day on I always asked if I wanted some help and it has made the home front much more amicable. (Even though we shouldn't have to ask. Another woman would automatically know when things need doing)

These are the basics around why women whinge and most men whinge because the wife or partner whinges. You would think that after all these years we would get it sorted. I believe that as time goes on and we become more aware of relationships, hopefully people will get along much better. 

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