Ingeborg Braas

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Hey, I am Ingeborg Braas and I live in the Netherlands. I am a mother of a 4-year-old and share my life with my soulmate! I like cooking and hanging out with my mates! Travelling is another passion for me I started this journey to find out where life is going to take me. I WOULD LOVE to help you start an online business! While I am in the middle of the process.
I can tell you where to start and why I picked out SFM (the six-figure mentors) for that!
I grew up in a business. My mum and dad have a company!
In order to get exactly where I want to be, I started Blogging to help other people with mindful thinking.
A skill you must have otherwise you will not succeed. You have to start believing in yourself and get that confidence back
Something that I lost for a while. I would like to welcome you to my journey so that you can grow the confidence to get started and design the life of your Dreams.