It Takes Courage To Become Who You Really Are

by Sergei VanBellinghen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
It takes courage to become who you really are because it means turning into the person you know deep in your heart that you should be. Change takes audacity and willpower. But it also implies getting rid of beliefs you have embraced and implemented from people around you over the years. What did you really wanted to be when you were growing up? Who did you want to be? What desire does light a fire in your soul? Most times, people think ...
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3 Life-Changing Things You Can Learn By Going Against The Stream

by Jan Olof Nilsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Going against the stream is terrifying but at the same time also being the most appealing thing you can do People going against the stream are often seen as rebels, and sometimes it’s even going so far that they are treated as dumb individuals. A lot of people suffer from atychiphobia or fear of failure, and it can block you completely even to try something. On the other hand, you can view it from a different angle. People who dare to try ...
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Easiest Way to Build Your List

by Fatma Zubia Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement, Communications, Kids and Teens
Are you starting your online business but struggling to find costumers? Struggling to generate leads and build a list of subscribers? Well, If you have been in the digital business for long enough you would know that your biggest asset online is your list. Yoyr leads are your costumers whom yoy can send offers and promotions to to invite them to buy the products you are promoting, your own products or if you ard an affiliate for other companies, having a ...
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List Building For Profit is key

by Vidhya Kiran Internet and Businesses Online
Every one of us, has come across website based online services asking for an email id now a days. Have you wondered why this has become such a common practice? Simply because all business services thrive on sustaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today's digital world, the easiest way to achieve this is through regular updates using various online platforms. Organizations look at maintaining a long term relationship through promoting quality content, offers and new services. This can be through email ...
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by Michael Crozier Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE        Hello everyone. Michael here. If you are like me you want out of the 9 to 5 job. I've been in the work force for forty years. I'm tired of making someone else rich while I live paycheck to paycheck. Most jobs are just enough to cover the bills. After the bills are paid there's very little left over for fun activities. Everyone wants to spend more time with family and friends. ...
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Master Thatcher to Online Entrepreneur!

by Emily Grace and Ed Goodall Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Master Thatcher to Online Entrepreneur! - Why and How a Master Thatcher would Go Digital! For nearly three decades I have dedicated my career to becoming a Master Thatcher.  It’s great work for keeping fit and strong in both mind and body, and often working in beautiful environments on some of the most quintessential English country cottages. Ok, it’s perhaps not quite as romantic when 50 feet up a steep incline battling winds and rains, sliding around on ice or grafting for 10 ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships
Nature has a way of surviving no matter what the elements are. It takes a lot of Skill to survive. Up here in the Muskokas we have pretty harsh winters, with lots of snow which is great for the skiers and snowmobilers and people who enjoy that time of year. Some of the animals who live in this area especially the white tail deer are well adapted to survive the winters, although it can get to be a great challenge for them ...
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Mindset For Success

by Mohammed Zahid Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
Every now and then I receive an incredible email from someone that can teach so many of us some extremely valuable lessons.  I received an email from someone who's been on my email list for a good while, and I want to share what came out of it. ​​​​​​​He has some amazing aspirations and goals that he wants to achieve, and his intentions behind everything that he wants to do are very pure and selfless. He wants to help others and really do ...
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Home Based Online Business

by Mohammed Zahid Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Be thankful for your blessings and never doubt your struggles. Don’t ask why they happened, just be thankful for the strength they gave you. It’s human nature to take things for granted. Don’t put things off till tomorrow. Be disciplined enough to do it today. Things might be different tomorrow. The ones you love may no longer be there. Nothing is guaranteed. That’s a reality. What if tomorrow never comes? The scars you get in life are proof of your inner strength. ...
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Blogging & Bloggers

by Antonio De Souza Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Writing and Speaking
Excellent Suggestions For All Your Blogging Needs The Internet has changed the way that people read and respond to each other forever. Blogging is very popular in our society. If you're wanting to learn about the blogging phenomenon, then you've come to the perfect place for that. Don't forget SEO work when it comes to blogging. Since your goal is for individuals to visit your blog, you need to be sure it ranks high in search results. Keywords should be contained within ...
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Becoming an Online Business Entrepreneur and Escaping the 9 - 5!!

by Jane Marengo Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
My name is Jane and this year I have made a promise to myself. This is the year that I am going to change my life for the better. I am going to have a vision once more and ultimately I am going to become the best version of myself possible. The last few years have honestly been the worst of my life. I have overcome cancer, the death of my Mum and the breakdown of my second marriage. I found ...
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Stop Procrastinating & Start Achieving Now, Three Tips

by Fatma Zubia Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
How many times have you failed to achieve your goals ? All Just because you cannot get started.  Maybe you are sick and tired of your 9 to 5 job and want to start your own business but just do not know where to start. Or maybe you feel you are out of shape,  you know you need to get some excercise done but you just get started with going to the gym. and take the first step. Hi my name is Fatma Zubia ...
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The Tao of Success

by Daniel Gifford Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Success is the natural outcome of the conscious allowing of the unfoldment of life... Every day we strive towards getting, towards achieving and adding something more to our lives, but the simple truth is that it's in the moments when we are not trying to get anything that we experience the most joy and freedom. It is when we are at one with the present and when we just allow things to be as they are that we can see the inherent ...
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Digital Marketing Strategy Overview

by David Durham Internet and Businesses Online
This high-level marketing article covers three e marketing areas: The business applications and themes of marketing in a digital technology world How to secure sales through your online digital presence It gives you a working digital marketing definition for use in your business planning One of the attractive features of the Digital Marketing (DM) landscape is the rich diversity of brand marketing options to tailor one’s marketing strategy to suit you and your customers. This can also present problems to both individual entrepreneurs and also ...
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AI Personal Assistants: Where Do We Go Next?

by Digital Bloggers Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Home and Family, Reference and Education
Personal assistants – also known as virtual or smart assistants - have come a long way in the past seven years. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not as exclusive as it was in 2011 when Apple first integrated Siri into the iPhone. Thanks to time and e-commerce competition, personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home are now available to the mass consumer market. While everyone else was focused on automation and self-driving cars, companies like Amazon were on the verge of a ...
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Cash Is King In The Home Business

by Anywhere Business Network Limited Andrew Elphick and Kerri Bainbridge Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
When you are in business you can only operate if you have sufficient money to pay for the goods and services that you need to produce goods and services. If you put money into your business make it count! Ask yourself in spending that money what will be the outcomes. Spending can be classified in other ways: Short term spending … 1 month and its gone These are items you need to operate. Examples include telecommunication costs, hosting plans, the costs of where ...
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How To Avoid Regrets Later In Life By Doing Right Things Today

by Jan Olof Nilsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
To avoid regrets later in life there are a few things you have to focus on today Who doesn’t want to avoid regrets later in life? I mean, you can do a lot of stupid things. You will anyway have a long life ahead. But is that true? As a senior citizen belonging to the growing group of baby boomers, I can now look back on my life and recapitulate what I should do differently. There are certain things that I could ...
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Contemporary Woman

by Ani Zoulalian Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Health and Fitness
Who is the modern woman, and is she happy? Greetings to you all women out there, I salute each and every one of you. You are the bold diligent enthusiastic busy members of our modern society, you need to be recognised every day for your hard work. The woman of twenty-first century is this dynamic being who is using all her resources to have a good life. She will challenge all traditional boundaries, and defy easy she would not accept less. Being a woman ...
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Mindset lessons learnt on my Trek up Mount Snowdon...

by Ozair Iqbal Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
 Here I am embarking on the trek of my life up Mt. Snowdon, with nothing but reaching the top in record time on my mind. The sheer beauty of what I was to be able to see during this walk and at the end of it is nothing short of humbling as well as terrifying, I could not help but feel so small at the sheer vastness of the land and how far down the drop was. There were ...
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How my honeymoon to Bali had me thinking about life...

by Ozair Iqbal Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
It has been just over a year now since I came back from my honeymoon in what most would call heaven on earth... Bali, Indonesia (yes that is me in the picture in awe of the coffee plantation and the rice fields - it was rather humbling) Ever since experiencing such freedom amongst the lush green nature under the warm sunshine, I have had this burning desire to want to be able to go back and never return. The experience made me ...
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