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Hey, Today I like to give you a possibility to discover your WHY ( as in your drive to get things done) and it really works. Grab a pen and white sheet! Have you got it? Ok, good. Now, If you are open to it but its ok if you don’t! No hard feelings here.

Start Listing all your Dreams and Goals what you probably have forgotten because life got in the way. I understand that and I know how you feel! I have done this personally before I started to change my life around. But this is YOUR moment! Write EVERYTHINININING! What comes Up in your head! Don’t feel ashamed, nobody will see it. It's for YOU. Make a long-long list. Make it as long if you want ( at least 1 sheet full).I want.... My dreams that.

After you have done this and you probably had to think twice and dive into your self a bit. This is normal because we forget our dreams what we had as kids and teenagers! You probably feel even funny and raise your eyebrows and think: Yeah right how is this gonna help ME.

Well, If you do it and you have to experience it for believing it. It will give you a feel of relieving and a feel that you are still existing. You will discover that your dreams and goals are still there, Right? You did not forget about them. This feeling will happen if you just start writing. Remember EVERYTHING what you still want in your life!

Discover They were just on a long vacation and hopefully, you got them back now. A feel of a sort relieving will come over you. Awareness and Alive that you exist! The real question is can you do something to work towards those dreams or can I help you with anything. Please don't let them go on vacation again but start taking action. The Universe always has your back but if (they) don't know what you want how can they guide you?

All my Best,

Bless you, feel free to have chat. I am sure you will find me online:-)

Ingeborg Braas 

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