3 Simple Steps to Start Loving Mondays

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To start loving Mondays could be something already from today

Start loving Mondays! Where are we heading with this article, you may ask? Well, if we turn around the question a bit and say:

“Thank God it’s Friday!”

…then I assume that the topic sounds more familiar.

It all boils down to the relationship between your work and your free time. Despite the tremendous growth of independent entrepreneurs and business owners, the traditional model still represents the daily situation for the majority of people.

Perhaps the pandemic is changing the mindset in some way. The vulnerability you have as an employee shows how the old traditional labor market is turning upside down.

But let’s assume that you have a job, typically a 9-5 job, Monday to Friday. Depending on your position, your tasks to execute are well defined, and for your performance, you get paid. You are trading your knowledge and experience for money.

The position you were hired for defines in detail through a job description of what the company and your boss expect from you. As always, there are tasks you like more and assignments you like less. However, your boss doesn’t care. He hired you to perform in a certain way, and for that performance, he or she pays you.

To start loving Mondays isn’t that easy. After a long and pleasant weekend together with the family, it’s tough knowing that on Monday morning, you’re back doing something you’re not very passionate about.

The prominent argument people have to continue their corporate job is usually money-related. You need a salary to pay bills and fulfill other financial obligations.

Reviewing all different surveys available about satisfaction at work is curious. No report is known so far, where the money comes first as a priority to find happiness with your job....continue reading>>

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