5 Pillars of Successful Marketing Online Anyone Can Use

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Between successful marketing online and failure, the span can be narrow

Successful marketing online is something you have in mind when looking at certain brands. Those brands have crushed the marketing code and got their brands to be an asset worth millions and, in many cases, billions of dollars.

But positioning a brand and getting it to be an essential ingredient in marketing doesn't happen by itself. It's a mix of many features. The exciting thing is that the combination of those features applies to multi-billion companies and your small business that just started.

When crafting a marketing strategy for your business, successful marketing online for anyone comes down to (in my opinion) the following five pillars.

  • Definition of your customers' needs
  • Adaptation to your customers' needs
  • Proof
  • Acceptance of the proof
  • Closing

I learned these five pillars, D.A.P.A.C., early in my career as a vacuum cleaner sales rep. Back then, we used cold canvasing and went out and knocked on potential customers' doors. Standing in front of a completely unknown person with a $1,000 vacuum cleaner in your hand and, an hour later, leaving the house without the vacuum cleaner but with a check of $1,000 in your pocket requires some skills.

Successful marketing online follows the same pattern in today's new business environment.

In the following five steps of the pillars, I will give you my experience as a vacuum cleaner rep and how to apply the same strategy for successful marketing online.

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