5 Retirement Regrets to Avoid and How to Make it Happen

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Escape all retirement regrets by acting now! 

Retirement regrets are too common among people retiring, but very few take measures in time. This article will go straight to the point, analyzing the most common retirement regrets. The good thing is that you do a lot about it by acting now.

Being a typical senior citizen at the retirement age, I have to admit that I was a victim of some retirement regrets before taking action. The first thing to do is straightforward. Erase from your vocabulary the words would, should, and could. Instead, replace them by will, shall, and can. Maybe it sounds too simple, but you can’t imagine the power you will get when acting in the present for a better future, instead of whining over the past that never happened.

There are always plenty of things that you could have done better, but why bother if you can’t change it. Or to use a famous quote by George Burns.


“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”

We all have different issues to deal with in life, and your list can vary a bit. However, the following 5 retirement regrets not only apply to me, but I’m sure a vast majority can relate to them....read more!