5 tips to consider before placing your adverts on bing

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Being a newbie in the digital world, I've learnt so much in the last 5 months and I am grateful for the unlimited resources available online. Part of my online marketing business strategy is advertising my business. At first I was unsure of how to advertise and what to say. How would I reach my target audience? Who are my target audience? Most importantly, which of the marketing ads are working for you? This top line blog will help highlight great tips You will need in order to create and track your advert.

Firstly, prior to placing an advert

  • Know who your Target audience is please click here for a really useful blog that explains tips on how to identify your target market.
  • Where to place your advert - would it be local to you or global (are you reaching potential customers in your local area, country or worldwide)
  • Your budget per day - what are You willing to spend.
  • Time parameters - do you have specific times you want your advert to show online
  • Make a keyword search so you can rate where your advert could be placed against other adverts using the same keywords. Spend money on keywords that actually work.

Once you have the above in place you can get started with creating your ad campaign. Bing has a step by step video tutorials on how to set up a successful ad campaign. Even if you are a novice like me or the seasoned online digital marketers it is important to track your adverts so you can evaluate what is working or what can be modified/improved.

Bing is a great platform which enables you to understanding the data from the reports produced. You can create a campaign report so you have statistics at hand to better handle your ad campaigns and make an informed choice whether your campaign/s is worth paying for.

The internet is an amazing invention, as your advert runs round the clock (depending on when you want to advertise). You can tailor your advertising to suit your budget and it is an exhilarating feeling to see the clicks and impressions your advert has. So take time to learn how to advertise on Bing leveraging their useful tutorials so you can work on creating the most amazing ad campaigns.

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