5 Tips to grow your Instagram account

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I have to admit it… before 2020 I didn’t know what an Hashtag was or what it did… I knew people used them in Social Media, but they meant nothing to me…

Since starting Power for Mums, I decided to open an Instagram account, to get in touch with more people and spread my message of empowerment for mums from all over the world.

Instagram was just a bit of a minefield in the beginning, I could not see why people would want to go there and share pictures, but I have to say that getting to understand the platform has helped me more and more to get the concept behind it and like it.

My account is not massive, feel free to check it, but it’s a work in progress, it’s me doing my best at “…getting my message to humanity…” we all learn and improve every day!

I have recently been on a Masterclass on Instagram, called “Gram like a Boss” by the lovely Maggie at Think_like_a_boss.co. This Masterclass was full of insights and I wanted to share what I think are the best 5 tips to grow your Instagram account. So, here we are..


Instagram is a platform for IMAGES. How do people want to feel when they are on Instagram? Probably happy, hopeful, inspired, empowered, uplifted, supported… (anyway for me, these are some of the reasons I go on Instagram). When I find a post that reflects the above what do I do? I like it, comment on it, share it… I engage with it! This is the secret! To create posts that people relate to and want to share with others! People (and I am guilty of this too…) get very conscious of “How many likes and how many comments” a specific post has received… well, guess what… the ALGORITHM (which is what runs in the background of Instagram and dictates the order that posts are displayed to users in their feeds) does not take into consideration neither the likes nor the comments! What it considers is how many times has a post been shared! This is to do with people doing “Like for like” or “Follow for follow” in the past (which means people like, follow and comment between themselves to increase their numbers or likes, followers and comments). The algorithm, therefore, takes into consideration how useful your post was and how many times it got share



Another super important aspect for your post to do well and be shared copious times is: “Is this post of value?”

Value is super important nowadays! But how do you create value? What is VALUE? For me value is understanding what your audience feels on a day to day basis, what struggles do they go through, what would they like to hear, what are they looking for on the internet and supply it to them! It could be something related to your business, or simply something you have in common, like for example, being a woman in business, struggling with time, struggling with your next step… People want to hear from PEOPLE! Understanding your struggles first of all and then the ones of your audience will help create posts that are full of value and that people identify with!

When you have created a killer post, don’t just share it with no caption tho! Oh no…! What a mistake to make…!!! Make sure you keep on adding value in the caption! Expand on your message, give more tips (eg. Value…) and then put a call to action at the bottom, like: “Comment below if you agree” or “Click the link in bio to find out more”.


“Your Feed is like your CV, your Stories are like you showing up to work every day…” What does that mean??? It means that your feed is where you create value for your audience, you make something they can identify with and would want to share. Your stories is where you make yourself known to your public and create CREDIBILITY.

I did not know this until a few days ago! This means showing your face in the stories…! Aaaarrrggghhh!!! I am camera shy…who can relate??? But I understand that your audience, in order to trust you, has to know you! I am a work in progress myself, and I believe this will be one of the hardest things to master…but hey! Let’s give it a go!


This is something I was doing myself, or at least thinking I should do…, but apparently it does not make ANY difference at all on how well your post will do if you are active on Instagram or not straight after you post.

Your post will actually pick up and start to take off after a few hours, even 12 hours after you post, and, as previously mentioned, it’s all to do with value and shareability…

This is excellent news! It means you can post and then actually get on with your things, like (in my case) stop the baby climbing on the table, drinking my coffee, drawing on the wall… the usual… 😉


Have you found your perfect audience? -Yes-

Have you found out what hashtags they use? -Yes-

Are you religiously using the same hashtags in your posts, day in day out? -Yes-

This is the best way to reach your audience right? -WRONG!-

Hashtags need to be changed and varied… (I know… it’s a bummer…)

The idea with hashtags is to reach a wider audience, think of how people want to feel and hashtag accordingly! Don’t use hashtags that are too big (in the millions) otherwise, your post will just get lost in the ether…

Change the number of hashtags you use as well! So, to recap,

don’t use the same # for every post,
think of how people want to feel and do researches on those #,
don’t use # that are too big.
I hope you found this helpful and that you would start to see changes and improvements in your account. If something does not work, just change it and tweak it until you see the results you want…!

And remember:





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