5 Tips to Overcome the Shiny Object Syndrome 

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We all have been victims of the shiny object syndrome

Does the shiny object syndrome sound familiar? For some more than for others, but we have all been there. You buy something based on emotions or an impulse from somebody or somewhere.

Let’s first identify what shiny object syndrome really means. In a way, it is something very intangible and difficult to clearly identify. But doing a try, I would say that the outcome of the suffering of the shiny object syndrome is to be in a constant distraction.

Take a small child, for example, who is playing with a toy and even being heavily engaged in whatever kind of game the toy provides. Suddenly, another toy appears, that is bigger, different color and different in all aspects. The first, perhaps very didactical toy is abandoned. This new “shiny” toy catches the child’s eyes, and just for being different and having some sort of attraction, the game changes.

Adults are not acting differently. You can be OK with what you have, but when something different turns out to impress you, the shiny object syndrome takes over.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to fall into the trap of the shiny object syndrome.


Shortcuts could be the complete opposite

Let’s say that you have been struggling to get your business up and running the way you want. A shortcut is offered to you on the Internet, promising you to solve all your problems easily and fast. Just viewing in your mind how the money will start to roll into your bank account is enough to jump on the train and try it out.

Once the seller gets your credit card number and you pay (which usually is a low price), starts the so-called up-selling. In a nutshell, the product, software, app, or whatever it can be will not work as described in the advertisement unless you buy additional features. As you already fell into the trap, it’s not difficult to get your credit card number again. And here we go.

As a newbie in the online business industry, I have to admit that I have made all these errors a couple of times. The worst-case (and you can laugh at it now) was an app to help you get an “unlimited” number of customers. The cost was only $16.95. Once inside, the upselling process started as a gun machine. Before setting a stop to this completely unserious approach, I had already spent more than $100.

Digitalization of commerce is here to stay, grow, and even outcompete many traditional offline retail businesses. That is good in the long run, but until there are mandatory rules on how to market online, you need to be awake and learn how to avoid the traps.

Big platforms, like Google and Facebook, are doing their very best to create some sort of regulations. Today you can at least get hold of some text to figure out if the offer seems to be serious or a scam..... Continue reading!>>

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