5 Ways To Find Something Worth Fighting For!

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In our previous blog, we finalized the discussion by proving you 5 Questions and Answers on how to become Bold and Brave enough to commit to a lifestyle towards finding something to fight for instead of just fighting for survival. We also uncovered the importance of this and how it will allow you to grow as an individual and take control of your own destiny. In this blog, we would like to dive into the detail and focus specifically on these 5 Questions and Answers. But what we are going to do is turn them into 5 Actionable Ways that will allow you to Find Something that is Truly Worth Fighting For!

1. You are Special and Unique!

The very first step that will allow you to find something worth fighting for, is by identifying that YOU are worth fighting for! The main reason why we struggle to find something that will allow us to provide value to others is that we struggle to find and see the value within ourselves! We look at other people and the great things they have achieved and we tell ourselves that they are so much better than us. WRONG! The only thing they did better than you is they found something that allowed them to exercise and exploit their specific and unique talents and expertise, and they stuck to it long enough to get the point where others could value their commitment towards themselves! What you have to understand is that these people are not better than you, they only believed that what they have could better the lives of others, and by sticking to that long enough they were able to better themselves to the point where others began to benefit from their own personal growth and investment in themselves! Now don't get me wrong, some people are born with natural talents that give them an edge above the rest, but even those with special talents and even those who are born with it, are far from being perfect. Truth is that even though none of us are perfect, we are actually special, each of us in our own unique way. We each have our own unique qualities and talents that can contribute actionable solutions towards other peoples problems, ultimately creating opportunities for each and every person involved. Some people are able to discover their talents sooner than others, but for those who are unsure of what their talents might be, just know that if you never start looking you might never actually find out what they are! The sooner your search begins, the sooner your discovery will take place. We believe that today more than ever before anyone has the opportunity to leverage the internet in a way that will help them discover these talents and exploit them to provide value to others. Technology is not only the future for business, it is the future for personal development and value added service that can create better lives for yourself and anyone involved!

2. Forget About the Money!

Sounds crazy doesn't it, but it's true. Money can never solve your problems in the way passion does. When you do something out of passion it lasts a lifetime, when you do something for money, you might succeed but your satisfaction will only be temporary. It is a catch 22 situation, as anyone who achieves great success, chases their dreams and gets there, cannot do so in the world we live in today without money. They can't get there without money and when they do get there it has to deliver a result of money. But the people that value their success the most and the people who can provide the best value not just in the beginning but until the end, are the ones who value the passion of their success more than the money. Money only becomes a tool, one that allowed you to get there and one that allows you to continue to grow and chase even bigger dreams when you arrive. Money can catch you off guard, it can catch you sleeping, and money achieved without passion can kill your ability to maintain what you have. Without passion, your money has no production, and without production not only will your business begin to die down, so will you. Using the money to run away from the life you hate, or to finally live life the way you've always wanted, or to do something only so you can become rich, will deliver temporary results, should you make it. Money used to make an awesome life even more awesome has the potential to change lives forever! If the fight to get there is worth it, so worth it that when you look back all you can say is, "man that was awesome", then money becomes a powerful tool. When you're able to walk away from your old life with dignity and respect, not burning bridges or causing resentment between you and others, then your new life with money will become a way to inspire others and present them with opportunities for growth which resonates from authenticity, reliability, and respect! Forgetting about the money could be the hardest part of your journey, but it could just be that your journey towards success and the breakthrough required will take place the day you get it right! Then you can actually use your money for the benefit of truly providing solutions that can solve other peoples problems and create real opportunities that could change the lives of everyone involved!

3. Balance is key!

We all need balance in our lives, the balance between work and pleasure, the balance between our health and personal fulfillment, but what about a balance between chasing your dreams and at the same time maintaining your current responsibilities. What people fail to understand about this is that should they not be chasing their dreams, and be miserable, they look for something that will take them out of their misery. That could work, but that is not the way it should work. Chasing your dreams shouldn't be away to escape the life you hate, it should be a way of making the life you have even better and assisting you in the everyday process of being the best you can be. How can being the best you can be, relate to someone who complains about their circumstances, their job, their finances, or anything else, and at the same time hope and pray for something better that will change their life forever. I'm sorry, but if you're not satisfied now you will never be. That is why we have to understand that chasing your dreams is not as important as finding a balance between your dreams and the things you have to do currently! If you can value what you have now, look past the things you don't have, and work hard towards the things you want, then you will be able to grow and become better at being who you truly are! Anyone who wants to chase a dream and make it happen, won't be able to get there if they can't be the best they can be. That is why dream achievers are top performers, and dream chasers who never achieve their dreams lack the performance required within their current circumstances that allow them to rise above it. First find the balance between where you are now and your current responsibilities, work at it, respect it, value it, and own it, then at the same to move towards your dreams while always keeping this balance in mind, then you will begin to see not just your dreams come to life, but what it requires from you to get there. Keep in mind that the way to get there is to maintain your focus on points one and two, that you are special, and that money is not the only factor. Should you require some super advice on how to maintain this, read our blog on adjusting your lifestyle and not your dreams!

4. The all in approach!

You will fail. Not what you want to hear I know. But failing for the wrong reason is fatal, failing for the right reason is actually a win. Failing forward, results in progress, failing backward results in an "I never want to try this again" approach. What is the difference? We can use points one to three to explain this properly:

This is what someone would say who failed backward because they pursued their venture for the following reasons:

  1. "I chased this dream because someone else told me I should do it but I knew I could never make it work and I actually didn't even want to do it in the first place"
  2. "I only did it because I thought we could make a boat load of money but when I realized how difficult it would be I pulled out as quickly as possible"
  3. "I hate my job, and all the things I try never works because I just can't find something I'm passionate about. All I want is for someone to help me or give me something better!"

This is what someone would say who failed forward because they pursued their venture for right reasons:

  1. "I truly believed I could do it and even though it did not work out I learned so much from it and will now use that experience to make a great success out of my next opportunity"
  2. "I realize that we took a financial knock this time, but for the first time losing money has helped me to become a better person and I now more than ever have the absolute desire to make our next venture work so that we can truly begin to make a difference!"
  3. "I love the fact that I am still humbly satisfied with what I have even though my venture failed. This has provided me with a true understanding of how lucky I am to have something to fall back on. I will continue to do the best I can with what I have and I now know how to chase my dreams and maintain my current roles and responsibilities more than ever before!"

Hopefully, you can see the difference, but what you perhaps did not notice was that in each instance the person who failed forward never let go of their dreams. Not only did they apply the principles presented in points 1 to 3, they also realized that giving up on their dreams is not an option. What you need to do is get to a stage in your life where points 1 to 3 has become part of your belief system! That does not have to take years before you get there, but take the time you need to consider them, this could be a week or two, but make sure that once you make up your mind, that you stick to it until the end! If you decide to stay the course of the employee, then stick to it. But if you decide to redirect your future towards entrepreneur, then, first of all, make what you have work and do the best within the time you have as an employee, but never ever give up on your entrepreneurial dreams going forward. From that day onwards, it's a fail forward approach, which is all in, never turn back, never give up until it works. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes until your mistakes all turn into opportunities for success and helping others to get there without making the same mistakes you did.

5. Your current job is important!

We see it all the time:

  • "Quit the job you hate!"
  • "Begin to live life your own terms!"
  • Make millions online in just a few months!"

Most of these online guarantees are to be avoided at all cost, however, some of the people that say this actually got it right believe it or not and people run towards these phrases like you won't believe. The only issue is that when they fail they never come back, because they look at these platforms and all they see is, I'm still doing the job I hate, I'm still doing what other people tell me to do, and I'm still not rich. All they can say is I will never try something like that again because that did not solve my problems. Well, that is absolutely 100% correct, no platform or business can make you love your job, make you happy, or make money the solution to your problems. Even if you make it work, your problems won't disappear, in fact, they could either become worse or just be replaced by other problems. Hate your job could move to, hate the fact that I have to pay everything out of my own pocket. Hate the fact that other people tell YOU what to do could move to, hate the fact that I now have to tell other people what to do. Hate the lack of zero's on your bank account could move to, hate the fact that I thought money would solve all my problems but it didn't. That is why you need to make sure that whatever you do now, make it work, learn to love it because the thing we value most as Cool Financial Freedom is the truth. Which derives from authenticity, accountability, and reliability! What is our truth, that building your own successful online business is not easy, but is it impossible, NO! Is it worth it, YES! Can it help you become a better person, ABSOLUTELY! But not if you do it to quit your job, become rich or make the life you hate better. If you want to approach this in a way where you can persevere long enough to see tangible results, love what you do, do it for the passion, and do it in a way where the results of success will only make your current awesome life even more awesome!

That is all, for now, folks and please take note that now more than ever before thousands of people from all over the world are leveraging the internet to chase their dreams in a way that provides value to their lives and others! You can do the same, all you need is the correct tools and information available to educate yourself on the digital economy!

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