50 and beyond

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Getting to 50 really made me stop and take a check of my life and i realised that in my 20's i set my self lots of goals and this set me on a mission to acheive various travel, work and financial goals which all in all i did well, but for some reason with starting a family in my late 30's that then took over and not until i hit 50 did i stop and think i no longer had my own goals.

My drive was for my Children and doing everything i could for them teaching them life skills and coaching them in various sports and pastimes and this took so much focus that i had stopped with my own overall goals. 

So 50 was time for me to go again and i looked at the various aspects of my life and set myself on a journey towards new goals.

Fitness- Get back to 3-4 times a week for my fitness not just running round with my kids but actual me running, working out, paddleboarding and yoga.

Relationship- Get back to date night once a month with the other half and get out on our bikes and running on the sea front together.

Financial- Secure money for the kids university, Financial security for me and my family.

What this made me realise is two things- I needed more time and I needed more money than my current job was giving me.

So my goal was to find a way to do this and because of the growth of the Internet and it's obvious potential i started to look at how i could use the internet and i found the SFM. Through SFM i am learning to use the leverage of the internet to acheive an income that is fully scallable and not dependent on my time. SFM ask you to look at all aspects of your life and set goals for what you want out of life which fitted in so well with me and my '50 and beyond' new mindset. 

If you can relate too any of this then hopefully it can help you move forward to set new goals and acheive your dreams and if you wish to hear more about the SFM then click the below. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way a proffessional and i am simply sharing personal experiences, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have helped me.

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