7 Approved Facebook Apps To Skyrocket Your Business

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undefinedIf you’ve been working out a FB strategy but nothing seems to draw exceptional results, you’re probably lacking in your planning game.

Something that can instantly boost the number of likes, comments and participation on your FB page is assistant Applications! These applications are can be included to your FB page to enhance customer experience and promote business with all might.

Here’s a list of 7 approved apps that possess the potential to skyrocket your business through FB page!

For Engaging Contests & Promotional Campaigns

undefined1. Heyo

If there’s an app that you can fully rely on to create campaigns and contests that go viral among your followers, it’s Heyo! With its customizable and unique templates, Heyo lets different businesses build engaging contests and promotional campaigns with ease.

Image: http://support.heyo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/pcoverview_8.png\ 

For A Custom FB Page

undefined2. Ripe Social

Ripe Social has a collection of 11 Apps that allow the user to create a custom FB page. A personalized page, unique to your brand on Facebook, gives the brand an identity among followers. With various alternatives to choose from, Ripe Social’s a-la-carte options give users an affordable way to own a custom brand.

For Custom Tabs

3. Pagemodo

Pagemodo lets users do a lot more than it appears on the outside of FB. From a custom welcome page to show maps, featured products and offer coupons, it lets users create a custom tab for it all on a FB page. Adding custom tabs is a great way to build a professional Facebook page for your business.

For Capturing Emails

4. MailChimp

The best and proven way to build a powerful email list through FB is to integrate it with MailChimp. Once integrated, you can share your campaigns, grow your email list and capture more and more leads through FB. To run MailChimp on your pages, integrate it with your personal, linked FB profile. 

For E-commerce Businesses

undefined5. Storefront Social

If you’re an online business wanting to sell goods through an e-commerce store, there’s nothing better than FB to find potential buyers (no matter what you sell). Storefront Social allows its users to create a FB store and sell their products and services worldwide. Simply add products, customize them and publish to your FB page after setting up a checkout system.    

For Sweepstakes

6. Wishpond

If you wish to run sweepstakes to capture more audience and have a powerful social presence online, then Wishpond can help. With its 10 amazing apps, creating social promotions for businesses on FB has become easier than ever. It has provisions for video and photo contests, referral promotions and much more to build interest among followers. 

For Insights and Analytics

7. Hootsuite Insights & Hootsuite Analytics

With real-time analytics, Hootsuite Insights lets you be aware of the discussions taking place around your area of business. It lets you know what’s trending, join conversations faster and analyze your performance to maintain pace with the competitors.

Hootsuite analytics lets you calculate the impact of your social media on your business as a whole. It gives a better understanding of FB activities, and helps in measuring team performance and creating real-time reports.    

undefinedChoosing The Right Apps

It’s very important to choose the apps wisely as not all apps are right for every business. Consider the ones that will have the most impact or have proven to work in your business industry. 

When you actually find them, put them to smart use as you can save a lot of time, resources and efforts by automating processes.

Bonus: You get better engagement from your audience, which skyrockets the business.  

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